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2020.06.29. MON : K-pop CD/DVD, Official Goods and BT21 Baby Products

Today we sent out 1,032 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd and official md products!

There were so many quantities of K-pop items.

Ateez Official Light Sticks / Monsta X Official Light Sticks / WALYV Official Light Sticks / Blackpink Official Light Sticks and so on.

Also a lot of BTS Jigsaw Puzzles, BT21 Baby Face Cushions and un-official products were sent.

Pin Button Badges / Photo card Set / 16pcs Stickers / Mini Hand Mirror Key Rings etc. 

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2020.02.21 FRI : K-pop cd/dvd albums, Official Light sticks and BT21 Hand Strap

Today we sent 160 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd and Official Light Sticks / BT21 products!

We sent out a variety of K-pop Official Light Sticks(Fan Lights).

EXO / Blackpink / Monsta X / Mamamoo / Cherry Bullet and so on.

And several K-pop music albums were sent, too.

Loona, Golden Child, Stray Kids, Bts, Got7 etc.

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2019.11.08 FRI : K-pop Cd/dvd albums and Official Light Sticks, BT21 MD

Today we sent 180 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and Official Goods products!

There were several Official Light Sticks of Twice (Candybong Z), Monsta X and Blackpink.

And several BT21 Neon Stickers, Hairpins, Airpod Cases etc were sent, too.

Also a variety of K-pop music cds were sent, BTS / Super Junior / TXT / NCT 127 / Ab6ix / Taemin / Wanna One and so on.

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2019.05.14 TUE : K-pop cd/dvd albums, Official Light Sticks and BT21 MD

Today we sent 303pcs of K-pop albums and BT21 products!

There were many kinds of popular music cds, like BTS / Exo / Chen / Mamamoo / Tomorrow X Together / Astro / Day6 / NCT / Twice / Black Pink and so on.

Some Monsta X Official Light Sticks were sent, too.

Recently, we sold many of Official Light Sticks. BTS / Black Pink / Nu’est / Ikon / Winner etc.

Because many K-pop concert open to worldwide, and almost fans want to the light sticks in hand when see the concert. 🙂

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2019.05.09 THU : K-pop cd/dvd with BT21 Goods, Oh My Girl – Vol.1 The Fifth Season

Today we sent 1,148pcs of K-pop albums & BT21 goods!

There were huge amount of BT21 MD sent, Ripple Blanket, Neck Pillow, Flannel Blanket, Keyring, Airpod Case and so on.

And a variety of k-pop albums were sent to U.S.A, Israel, Germany, Canada & Philippines.

BTS, Red Velvet, NCT, Tomorrow X Together, Iz one, Ateez, Monsta X, Oneus, Stray Kids etc.

Also many Monsta X Official Light Sticks Ver.2 for concert were sent.

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2019.05.08 WED: K-pop cd/dvd with BT21 Goods, Park Bom / Kim Donghan / Nu’est

Today we sent 75 pcs of K-pop albums & BT21 goods!

There were not so many items today 🙂

New released albums : Park Bom – Re:Blue Repackage Album, Kim Donghan – D-hours AM 7:03 (3rd mini album), The Boyz – Bloom Bloom, Nu’est – Happily Ever After and so on.

Also several Monsta X Official Light Stick Ver.2 were sent.

Many K-pop groups will hold world tour concert(Black Pink / NCT / Twice etc), so their fans want to get the light sticks.

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2019.05.02 THU : Korea Cosmetic/Laneige, OralB Toothbrushes, K-pop cd/dvd, Monsta X Official Light Stick Ver.2

Today we sent 2,209 pcs of Korean Cosmetics and K-pop albums with goods!

There were many Laneige samples with Oral B Toothbrushes.

And various K-pop albums & goods were sent,too.

(But the photo is only a piece about Monsta X New Official Light Sticks!)

Also a lot of BT21 Character Goods with unofficial goods were sent to Romania. 

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2019.04.19 FRI : K-pop cd/dvd albums, Mamamoo Official MD

Today we sent 398 pcs of K-pop products!

There were a variety of K-pop music cd/dvd (albums) sent to Denmark, Canada and U.S.A.

Twice, Monsta-x, Tomorrow X Together, IZ*one, Ateez, Nct, Exo Chen, Super Junior D&E, Jung Dae Hyun, Red Velvet, 1the9 and so on.

Also various Official Md were sent.

Mamamoo 4 Season Goods / Nct official light sticks / Monsta X light sticks Ver.2 (It had been sold out already!) etc.