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2020.11.12 THU : Korean Cosmetics/Innisfree, Mise en scene, Latest K-pop CD/DVD albums, BT21 Products

Today we sent out 746 pcs of  Korean Cosmetics, K-pop cd/dvd and BT21 Products!

There were many latest K-pop albums like Taemin / Seventeen / Wonho / Secret Number / Mamamoo etc.

Also several BT21 products were sent. BT21 Baby Mini Eco bags.

And some K-pop official light sticks(Monsta X, Sunmi) were sent.

Innisfree Green Tea Series skin care products and Mise en scene Perfect serums were sent, too. (No photos)

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2020.08.31 MON : K-pop CD/DVD albums, K-magazines 2020 September

Today we sent out 419 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and Magazine products!

There were various kinds of K-pop latest albums sent to Philippines and Germany.

Ateez, Itzy, Han Seungwoo, Treasure, Stray Kids, Got7 and so on.

And several Korean Hair/body and cosmetic products were sent, too.

Mise en scene Perfect Serum Series, W. Dressroom Room Perfume Spray etc.

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2020.06.02 TUE : Korea Hair/body Products,Mise En Scene, K-pop CD/dvd albums

Today we sent out 3,882 pcs of Korean Hair/body and K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were huge amount of Korean Hair products sent to Myanmar.

Mise En Scene Antiaging / Scalp Care / Damage Care / Perfect Serum Series Shampoos and Conditioners.

And various K-pop cd albums were sent, too.

Everlgow, Exo, Izone, Bts, Monsta X, Cravity etc.

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2020.02.11TUE : Korean Hair/Body Products, K-pop cd iKON – I DECIDE (3rd mini album)

Today we sent 2,967 pcs of Korean Hair/Body and K-pop products!

There were huge amount of Korean Hair Products of Mise En Scene.

Damage Care Series, Perfect Serums, Hello bubble Hair Colors,Easy & Fast Foam Hair Colors and so on. (But no photos today)

Also many iKon albums and BT21 goods were sent.

iKon – I decide (3rd Mini Album).

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2019.10.25 FRI : Korea Cosmetics/ETUDE,Natureby,FoodAHolic, K-pop Cd/dvd

Today we sent 14,716 pcs of Korean Cosmetic and K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were huge amount of cosmetic samples and hair/body items.

Etude House Body Lotions, Natureby Essence Masks, Hello Bubble Hair Colors, Food A Holic Body Lotions & Natural Essence Masks, 3W Clinic skin care products and so on.

And a lot of K-pop albums were sent.

1The9 2nd mini album and NCT 127 1st Tour Neo City : Seoul – The Origin Photobook & Live Album are released today!

Therefore we sent many of them 🙂

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2019.07.09 TUE : Korean Hair products/Mise en scene, K-pop cd/dvd Albums and Goods

Today we sent 2,637 pcs of Korean hair products and K-pop cd/dvd, Goods Products!

There were a lot of Mise en scene products. Perfect Serum Series, Damage Care Shampoo Series, Curling Essences, Hello bubble hair colors and so on.

And various K-pop official light sticks were sent, too.

Gfriend, EXO, Blackpink, Momoland etc.

NCT 2019 World Tour But Miniature is released today! It is a toy of Fullback car 🙂

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2019.04.04 THU : Korean Cosmetic/Mise En Scene, 3W Clinic, Shower Mate, K-pop cd/dvd and Merchandises

Today we sent 3,008 pcs of Korean Cosmetics & K-pop products!

There were a lot of Mise en scene Perfect Serums 3 Minutes hair masks, Shower Mate Body Washes, 3W Clinic Natural Make Up powders etc sent by Ocean Shipment.

Many BT21 Goods were sent, too. Epoxy Stickers / Badges / Stand Rings / Memo Pads / A4 Patterned File Folder and so on.

Also a variety of Un-official Merchandises were sent.

New updated (Aluminium) Name Tags of BTS, EXO, TXT were sent with NCT pin button badges.

Stray Kids Official goods were sent, too.

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2018 10.08 MON : Korean Cosmetics/3W Clinic, Skin Magic, Shower Mate, Kerasys,Sulwhasoo

Today we sent  9,599 pcs of Korean cosmetics & Hair/body products!

There were many Renewing 2 Kits of Sulwhasoo, Body Lotions of 3W Clinic, R&B Spa Therapy Shampoos & Rinses, Food A Holic Peach Essence Body Cleansers, Mise En Scene Perfect Serums and Skin Magic Soap Series(MSM, Red Ginseng, Green Tea).

Also Body washes of Shower Mate, Hair Oh Fresh Scalp Scaling were sent too.

A lot of hair/body products were sent more than normal day 🙂

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2018 06. 20 WED : Korea Cosmetics/The Whoo,Mise En Scene, K-pop Cd/dvd Products

Today we sent 1,067 pcs of  Korean Cosmetics & K-pop products!

There were Moisture Anti-aging Masks and Bichup Special gift 2 Set of The History of Whoo (The Whoo).

And Perfect Hair Serums 15ml 2 Kits of Mise En Scene were sent.

Also huge amount of K-pop products were sent to U.S.A, United Kingdom and Singapore.

There were the official light sticks of NCT & Black Pink, various Cd/Dvd albums.

Exo / Bts / Monsta-x / Stray Kids / Victon / Aoa / Gfriend / Shinee / Pristin V / Wanna one Etc.