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2020.02.13 THU : K-pop cd/dvd (Pentagon – Vol.1 Universe : The Black Hall / Kard – Red Moon)

Today we sent 918 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd and un-official products!

We sent out K-pop albums of a very large quantity.

Many kinds of CD were sent, included new released albums.

Pentagon / Kard / The Boyz / iKon / Rocket Punch and so on.

And several K-pop Un-official Goods were sent out. Desk calendars / Photo Cards / A3 Posters etc.

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2018 06. 18 MON : K-pop Cd/dvd, Goods Products

Today we sent 182 pcs of  K-pop Cd/DVD, Goods and Magazine products!

There were a variety of K-pop albums : Shinee / Super Junior / BTS / EXO / NCT / Wanna one.

Also some official goods of Twice were sent.

And korean magazine 1ST Look / Map were sent, too.

Especially Black Pink Official Light Sticks were sent.