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2020.05.21 THU : Korean Health Pad/Glue Red Ginseng Health Patch and K-pop CD/dvd

Today we sent out 1,623 pcs of Korean Health and K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were many Korean Glue Red Ginseng Health Pads sent to Germany.

It had been shipped once several months, but early shipped in this time 🙂

And many K-pop music cds, goods and BT21 md products were sent.

TXT, NCT 127, Ateez, Twice, Bts etc.

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2020.01.20 MON : Korean Health Patch(Pad) – Glue Red Ginseng Health Patch

Today we sent 800 pcs of Korean Health Pad products only!

There were a lot of Glue Red Ginseng health Patches sent.

It is not for a medicine, but effective a little to relaxing tired muscles.

It’s quite different with ‘lower pain patches’. Support to only good sleeping.

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2019.09.18 WED : Korean health Pad(Glue Red Ginseng), K-pop Cd/DVD albums

Today we sent 1,456 pcs of Korean Health and K-pop CD/DVD products!

There were a lot of Glue Ginseng Health Patches(Pads) sent.

And many BTS / NCT Dream / Seventeen / X1 … etc music albums were sent, too.

Also various Official Light Sticks were sent. Twice / Monsta X / Shinee / Stray Kids and so on.

BT21 items are always popular, even seasonal items like Bamboo Folding Fan.

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2019.05.15 WED : Korea Glue Red Ginseng Health Pad, K-pop Light Sticks / TXT Debut MD

Today we sent 1,014pcs of Korean Health Products and K-pop MDs!

There were a lot of Glue Red Ginseng Health Patches sent after long interval 🙂

We had handled many kind’s of Korean products, but now mainly K-pop and Cosmetics. 

We’re waiting for whom has interested in other Korean items always.

And we sent many official light sticks of Twice / Black Pink / Red Velvet with BT21 PVC mouse pads & TXT(Tomorrow X Together) Debut MD.