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2020.05.08 FRI : Korean Handkerchief for Baby, Oral B Toothbrush, K-pop CD/dvd albums

Today we sent out 2,540 pcs of Korean Baby Products, Oral B Toothbruses and K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were huge amount of Korean Pure Cotton Cute Character Handkerchief for baby sent to Hong Kong.

It was a variety of kinds.

Also many K-pop Cd/Dvd products and several Oral-B toothbrushes were sent.

Astro – Gateway (7th mini album) is released!

A lot of quantities were sent.

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2019.06.27 THU : Korean Cute Handkerchief, K-pop cd/dvd Products

Today we sent 2,691 pcs of Korean Cute Handkerchief, K-pop cd/dvd and BT21 Products!

There were huge amount of Korean Character Handkerchiefs for baby sent.

It is cheap but good quality 🙂

And a lot of K-pop albums with BT21 md items were sent to Philippines and U.S.A.

BT21 goods are quite expensive but very popular because of BTS!

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2018 11.14 WED : Korean Baby Handkerchiefs, K-pop Goods & Albums

Today we sent 1,328 pcs of Korean Baby Goods and K-pop cd/dvd Products!

There were a lot of pure cotton character handkerchiefs for baby. Made in Korea and a variety of kinds.

And several albums of Bigbang / Bts / Exo / Twice / Monsta X / Super Junior etc… were sent, too.

Also so many un-official goods were sent.

Mini wall calendar, Posters(Bromides), Pin button badges, Postcard Sets, Photo Card Sets and so on.


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2018 10.01 MON : Korean Cotton Baby Handkerchief / BT21 Character Goods

Today we sent  809 pcs of Korea Baby Handkerchief & BT21 Goods!

There were many kinds of Cotton 100% and cute patterned baby handkerchiefs made in Korea.

It need to many handkerchiefs for baby nurse, so every moms must have item 🙂

And a lot of BT21 Character goods were sent,too.

BT21 goods are so popular because they were affiliated with BTS.