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2020.09.18 FRI : Korean Cosmetics/Food A Holic, Teresia, Ryo, K-pop CD/DVD albums

Today we sent out 15,634 pcs of Korean Cosmetics and K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were a lot of quantities of Korean Cosmetics/Hair,Body Products sent.

Food A Holic, Teresia, Ryo and so on.

Also several latest K-pop albums were sent to U.S.A and Sweden.

Wonho, BTS, Seventeen, Crash Landing On You O.S.T, Stray Kids etc.

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2020.06.26 FRI : Korean Glue Red Ginseng Health Pad, Mise En Scene, Food A Holic, A’pieu, K-pop CD/DVD

Today we sent out 4,184 pcs of Korean Health Patch, Cosmetics, Hair / Body and K-pop products!

There were huge amount of Korean Glue Red Ginseng Health Pad and Cosmetics.

Food A Holic 3D Mask Packs, A’pieu Lasting Gel Tints, Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Hair Colors and so on.

And various K-pop music cds were sent, too.

Golden Child – Take A Leap (4th Mini Album) is released!

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2020.06.25 THU : Korean Hair/Body Products – R&B Phyton Therapy / Henna Spa Therapy, Mise En Scene

Today we sent out 1,590 pcs of Korean Hair / Body products!

There are a variety of Korean Hair / Body items.

R&B Phyton Therapy Nourishing Two Phases / Henna Spa Therapy Shampoos / Collagen Shampoos.

And Mise En Scene Aging Care Treatments, Evas Rose Mine Hand Creams were sent, too.

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2020.03.20 FRI : Korean Cosmetic Product – Etude house Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Moisture Body Lotion

Today we sent out 60 pcs of Korean cosmetic products!

 There were only one kind, Etude house Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Moisture Body Lotion sent.

 The COVID-19 seems to cause fewer orders.

We hope this situation is over soon, and no one gets sick.

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2020.01.06 MON : Korean Cosmetics/Tonymoly, Etude House, K-pop cd/dvd, BT21 Goods

Today we sent 2,555 pcs of Korean Cosmetics, K-pop cd/dvd albums and BT21 products!

There were huge amount of Tonymoly and Etude house products sent.

And many kinds of K-pop music albums were sent, too.

Also BT21 merchandises were sent.

Cushion (30cm) / Lying Plush Pencil Case / Masking Box Stickers and so on.


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2019.11.20 WED : Korean Cosmetics/Laneige, Oral-B Toothbrushes, K-pop Cd Albums

Today we sent 1,250 pcs of Korean Cosmetic and K-pop products!

There were several sample cosmetics of Laneige and Oral-B Toothbrushes sent.

Laneige Moisture Cream 10ml / Water Bank Hydro 3 Kit / Lavender Sleeping Mask 15ml etc.

Also a variety of K-pop music albums were sent to Canada, Netherlands, Germany and U.S.A.

New released Mamamoo / IU / Wjsn(Cosmic Girls) / CIX and so on.

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2019.11.15 FRI : K-pop Cd Albums Zico / Super Junior / Winner etc… and BT21 MD

Today we sent 371 pcs of K-pop Cd and BT21 Gooods products!

There were many kinds of K-pop albums were sent to Germany, Canada, Israel and U.S.A.

New released Zico – Vol.1 Thinking / Super Junior Vol.9 Specia Ver. Timeline / Victon Nostalgia and so on.

Also a lot of BT21 Notes were sent.

Mini notes and sticky memo pad, A5 spring notes etc.

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2019.11.14 THU : K-pop Cd Albums Got7 / A.C.E / Monsta X / Ateez

Today we sent 34 pcs of K-pop Cd and Official Gooods products!

There were several items sent to U.S.A.

Got7 Call My Name / A.C.E Under Cover : The Mad Squad / Monsta X Follow-find you / Ateez Treasure Ep.3 One to all.

And Ateez 1st Anniversary Hoodies were sent, too.

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2019.11.13 WED : Korean hair/body products and Cosmetics – Kerasys, Evas, Epoux

Today we sent 5,673 pcs of Korean hair/body, cosmetics and K-pop products!

There were huge amount of Hair/body products sent, like Kerasys / Mise en scene / Evas Rose Mine / Ryo etc.

Also some 3W Clinic products and R&B Henna Spa Therapy series were sent.

And several K-pop albums were sent, too.

Got7 / Taeyeon / Winner albums.

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2019.09.26 THU : Korean cosmetics/A’pieu,3W Clinic, K-pop Cd/DVD & official light sticks

Today we sent 3,225 pcs of Korean Cosmetic and K-pop CD/DVD products!

There were so many cosmetics of A’pieu and 3W Clinic.

Food a holic aloe vera gels, Natural Make Up powders, Skin Care items, Start Up primers and so on.

Also various K-pop cd albums and official light sticks were sent.

It was pre-ordered AB6IX / X1 official light sticks. (Now out of stock.)

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2019.09.25 WED : Korean cosmetics/Etude,Innisfree, K-pop Cd/DVD

Today we sent 68,483pcs of Korean Cosmetic and K-pop CD/DVD products!

There were enormous amount of Korean cosmetic products sent to Indonesia by Ocean shipment.

Etude House and Innisfree products included Trial kit / Sample / Miniature etc.

And many K-pop albums with BT21 products were sent to Denmark, Israel, Germany and Poland.

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2019.09.05 THU : Korean Cosmetics/Natureby, Mise en scene, Ryo, Evas, K-pop Cd albums

Today we sent 6,075 pcs of Korean cosmetic and K-pop CD/DVD products!

There were a plenty of Cosmetic items sent.

Natureby Essence Masks, FoodAholic Aloe Vera soothing gels, Evas Rose Mine Hand Creams, Mise En Scene Perfect Serums, Kerasys shampoos and so on.

And some BTS albums with Red Velvet albums were sent.

BTS 2018 Memories Blu-ray, Love Yourself ‘Tear’ and ‘Answer’.