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2020.01.07 TUE : K-pop cd/dvd, Ateez – Treasure Epilogue : Action to Answer, BT21 Goods

Today we sent 662 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd albums and BT21 products!

Ateez – Treasure Epilogue : Action to Answer is released today!

There were so many albums sent to U.S.A and Germany.

And some Seventeen 2020 Season’s Greetings, SF9 2020 Season’s Greetings and BT21 items were sent, too.

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2019.10.01 TUE : K-pop Cd/DVD – BTS 2019 Summer Packages

Today we sent 200 pcs of K-pop official md products!

There were a lot of BTS 2019 Summer Packages sent to Germany and U.S.A.

It is just pre-ordered, now sold out.

It’s already autumn, but the summer package is released 🙂

It would have been better to release it in the summer. But many armies don’t care!

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2019.09.30 MON : K-pop Cd/DVD & Official light sticks

Today we sent 135 pcs of K-pop CD/DVD and official md products!

There were many K-pop albums of TWICE and Seventeen.

Twice – Feel Special (8th Mini Album) and Seventeen – Vol.3 An Ode.

Also several official light sticks were sent.

Blackpink Official Light Sticks, Winner Official Light Sticks Ver.2 and BTOB LS.

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2019.09.27 FRI : Korean Hair/Body Products, K-pop Cd/DVD & Official MD

Today we sent 5,907 pcs of Korean Hair/Body and K-pop CD/DVD products!

There were so many Korean hair/body products sent. Kerasys Shampoos, Mise En Scene Shampoos, Showermate Body Washes and other hair styling products.

And a variety of K-pop music albums were sent to Germany, United Kingdoms and Canada.

BTS, Ateez, Twice, Dreamcatcher, Stray Kids, EXO etc.

Also some X1 official Md products were sent. 

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2019.09.26 THU : Korean cosmetics/A’pieu,3W Clinic, K-pop Cd/DVD & official light sticks

Today we sent 3,225 pcs of Korean Cosmetic and K-pop CD/DVD products!

There were so many cosmetics of A’pieu and 3W Clinic.

Food a holic aloe vera gels, Natural Make Up powders, Skin Care items, Start Up primers and so on.

Also various K-pop cd albums and official light sticks were sent.

It was pre-ordered AB6IX / X1 official light sticks. (Now out of stock.)

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2019.06.28 FRI : K-pop cd/dvd Products, EXO Official Light Stick Ver.3

Today we sent 375 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd and goods Products!

There were a variety of K-pop cd/dvd albums were sent.

Blackpink Photobook Limited edition is released but sold out so quickly.

And we sent several Exo official light sticks ver.3.

We have very small amount so couldn’t sell to many buyers.


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2019.06.20 THU : K-pop cd/dvd, Stray Kids / Red Velvet New Albums

Today we sent 2,529 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd products!

Stray Kids special album, ‘CLE 2 : Yellow Wood’ and Red Velvet mini album ‘The Reve Festival Day 1’ are released.

Huge amount of albums were sent to Israel, Poland, Netherlands, Malaysia, Germany, U.S.A and Canada.

Of course, other various K-pop albums with Official Md products were sent too.

Official Light Sticks, BT21 character goods etc.

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2019.05.20 MON : K-pop Cd/dvd, Official Light Sticks, BT21 MD

Today we sent 496 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd albums, Official Light Sticks and BT21 MDs!

A variety of K-pop official light sticks were sent to Philippines, Netherlands, Israel and Spain.

Winner Official light stick Ver.2, Bigbang Official light stick ver.4, Ikon Official sight stick Konbat Ver.2, Nu’est Official light stick New, Twice Official light stick Candy Bong Z and so on.

Some products are always sold out so quickly, especially Twice / BTS / GOT7 etc.

So many K-pop fans want to get them, but can’t.

We hope the manufacturers product more and more 🙁

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2019.05.17 FRI : Korean Cosmetics/Baby Handkerchief, K-pop Cd/dvd, Exid – We (Mini Album), Twice Candybong Z, BT21 MD

Today we sent 933pcs of Korean Cosmetics, K-pop cd/dvd albums and BT21 Character MDs!

Many Korean Cosmetics (Etude House and The Face Shop) and Baby handkerchief were sent.

EXID’s new album, ‘We’ release today. It is same title of Winner’s new album 🙂

Their release date is same, but Winner’s album will be arrived at our warehouse on next Monday, because of courier’s issue.

Many Twice Official Light Stick Ver.2 – Candybong Z were sent, too.

It was sold out very quickly, so we can get a little.

And a lot of BT21 MDs were sent.

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2019.05.16 THU : K-pop Cd/dvd, Wekimeki Lock end Lol, BT21 Character Goods

Today we sent 667pcs of K-pop cd/dvd albums and BT21 Character MDs!

There were so many amount of BT21 goods sent.

BT21 Epoxy Stickers, Golden Edge Stickers, Nap Cushions, Gel Pen Season 3, Slim Ball Point Pens and so on.

Also a lot of BTS – Map Of The Soul : Persona were sent with several Wekimeki New Albums.

And some of Monsta X Official Light Sticks were sent, too.

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2019.05.15 WED : Korea Glue Red Ginseng Health Pad, K-pop Light Sticks / TXT Debut MD

Today we sent 1,014pcs of Korean Health Products and K-pop MDs!

There were a lot of Glue Red Ginseng Health Patches sent after long interval 🙂

We had handled many kind’s of Korean products, but now mainly K-pop and Cosmetics. 

We’re waiting for whom has interested in other Korean items always.

And we sent many official light sticks of Twice / Black Pink / Red Velvet with BT21 PVC mouse pads & TXT(Tomorrow X Together) Debut MD.

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2019.05.14 TUE : K-pop cd/dvd albums, Official Light Sticks and BT21 MD

Today we sent 303pcs of K-pop albums and BT21 products!

There were many kinds of popular music cds, like BTS / Exo / Chen / Mamamoo / Tomorrow X Together / Astro / Day6 / NCT / Twice / Black Pink and so on.

Some Monsta X Official Light Sticks were sent, too.

Recently, we sold many of Official Light Sticks. BTS / Black Pink / Nu’est / Ikon / Winner etc.

Because many K-pop concert open to worldwide, and almost fans want to the light sticks in hand when see the concert. 🙂