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2020.10.19 MON : K-pop CD/DVD albums, Official Light Sticks, Seventeen Photobook

Today we sent out 1,303 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd and Goods Products!

There were a variety of K-pop music cds sent to United Kingdom, Australia and Finland.

Latest albums of SF9, A.C.E, Blackpink, Ailee, Weeekly, The Boyz, Verivery and so on.

Itzy official light rings and BTS Learn Korean Packaged were sent, too.

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2020.10.07 WED : K-pop CD/DVD albums BLACKPINK – 1st Full Album

Today we sent out 1,672 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd Products!

There were a variety of K-pop music albums sent to Spain, Germany, Poland, Mexico and U.S.A.

Blackpink’s new albums is released!

It is the first Full album of them 🙂

Many buyers waited for it but it is hard to supply full quantities because of manufacturer’s issue.

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2020.10.06 TUE : Korean Cosmetics/Sulwhasoo Samples, K-pop CD/DVD albums and MD

Today we sent out 780 pcs of Korean Cosmetics and K-pop cd/dvd Products!

There were Korean Cosmetic Samples of Sulwhasoo.

Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask / Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream / Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream etc.

And several K-pop albums and K-magazines were sent.

The Boys / Ghost9 / Girls’ Generation / Bdc / Up10tion and so on.

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2020.10.05 MON : K-pop CD/DVD albums, Blackpink ICECREAM MD, K-magazines

Today we sent out 484 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd, goods and magazines!

There were various K-pop Cd albums with goods sent to Canada, Finland and U.S.A. (But no photos today)

Up10tion, The Boyz, Stray Kids, Bdc, Everglow and so on.

Also many kinds of Official Merchandises, Korean Magazines and BT21 products were sent.

Blackpink H.Y.L.T MD / Icecream MD, Got7 Character Gotoon MD, BT21 notes etc.

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2020.08.06 THU : K-pop CD/DVDs and Goods, K-magazines 2020 August, Baekhyun Puzzle Package

Today we sent out 547 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd albums, Goods and K-magazines!

There were various K-magazines of this month(2020 August). @Star1, Impact Star, Arena Homme+, Ten Asia, Cosmopolitan and so on.

Also new K-pop albums were sent. Eric Nam – The Other Side(4th Mini Album), Yun Dujun – Day Break, Cravity Summer Package etc.

And many K-pop un-official photo card sets were sent, too.

Seventeen / Ateez / Stray Kids 30pcs Photocard set.

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2020.06.24 WED : K-pop CD/dvd albums, K-magazines and BT21 Baby Products

Today we sent out 1,584 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and BT21 goods products!

(No photos today)

There are a lot of quantities K-pop latest albums.

Seventeen / Izone / Stray Kids / Wayv and so on.

Also a variety of BT21 Baby items were sent.

BT21 Baby Figure Keyrings, Neck Straps, Mini Standing Dolls, Mini Body Flat Cushions etc.

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2020.06.01 MON : K-pop CD/dvd albums, K-magazines, BT21 Baby Character Goods

Today we sent out 842 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and BT21 Baby products!

There were a lot of quantities of K-pop music albums, like Ateez / Bts / Blackpink / Astro / Day6 / Monsta X / Mamamoo and so on.

Many Korean idol’s albums are still popular 🙂

Also BT21 Baby goods were sent, too. New released Face Cushions and Gel pens etc.

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2020.04.28 TUE : K-pop CD/dvd albums, K-magazines and BT21 Products

Today we sent out 414 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and Goods products!

There were a variety of K-pop albums, like Got7 / Kard / Monsta X / Nct 127 / Oneus / Twice / Straykids / A.C.E / BTS etc.

Also several Blackpink and Exo Baekhyun official goods and BT21 character merchandise were sent.

(But no photos today!)


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2020.04.14 TUE : Korean Cosmetics/Innisfree, Sulwhasoo, K-pop CD/dvd albums

Today we sent out 10,308 pcs of Korean Cosmetics and K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were huge quantities of Korean cosmetic products with samples.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum / Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Invigorating Series / Bebe Foot Mask etc.

And many kinds of K-pop albums were sent, too.

iKon, Pentagon, Seventeen, Blackpink, NCT 127, Loona, Twice and Korean Fashion/Idol Magazines.