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2019.12.05 THU : Korean Cosmetics/ETUDE,LANEIGE, K-pop Music Cd Albums EXO – Vol.6 Obsession Obsession Ver.

Today we sent 8,761 pcs of  Korean Cosmetics and K-pop cd/dvd products!

There were so many quantities of Korean Cosmetic Products sent to Singapore.

Etude Wonder Pore Freshener / Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam / Bebe Foot Mask / Missing U Hand Cream and so on.

Also Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clansing Foam / Scrub / Cherry Blossom Tone Up Cream etc were sent.

Laneige Lavender Sleeping Mask Samples were sent, too.

And a variety of k-pop albums were sent to Philippines, U.S.A and Germany.

EXO – Vol.6 Obsession (Obsession Ver.) is released!

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2019.12.04 WED : Korean Cosmetics/Innisfree, K-pop Music Cd Albums, BT21 MD, Unoffficial Goods

Today we sent 89,343 pcs of  Korean Cosmetics and K-pop cd/dvd products!

There were huge amount of Korean Cosmetic Sample Products sent to Indonesia.

Green Tea Series Serum, Jeju cherry Blossom Jelly Creams, Tone Up Creams and so on of Innisfree.

Also a variety of k-pop albums were sent to U.S.A and Denmark.

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2019.09.25 WED : Korean cosmetics/Etude,Innisfree, K-pop Cd/DVD

Today we sent 68,483pcs of Korean Cosmetic and K-pop CD/DVD products!

There were enormous amount of Korean cosmetic products sent to Indonesia by Ocean shipment.

Etude House and Innisfree products included Trial kit / Sample / Miniature etc.

And many K-pop albums with BT21 products were sent to Denmark, Israel, Germany and Poland.

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2019.04.12 FRI : Korea Cosmetics/Laneige,Innisfree,Mise En Scene, K-pop Cd/Dvd Products

Today we sent 1,041 pcs of Korean Cosmetics and K-pop cd/dvd products!

There were a lot of sample cosmetics sent.

Laneige Sleeping Masks, Calming Toner 50ml, Innisfree Green Tea Masks, Mise en scene Perfect Hair damage Care Hair Masks.

And many K-pop music cds were sent, too. Taeyeon, TXT, Izone, Nct, Bolbbalgan4, Jung Daehyun etc.

Also a plenty of BT21 Gel pen season 3 items were sent.

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2018 10.11 THU : Korean Cosmetics / Laneige, Innisfree, Natureby, Korean Baby Pad/Blanket

Today we sent  66,053 pcs of Korean Cosmetics & baby pad products!

There were a plenty of samples of Innisfree & Laneige.

Green Tea Series / Jeju Volcanic Series of Innisfree and Water Sleeping Series / Sleeping Mask Series of Laneige were sent.

Also many mask packs of Natureby and Nature Republic were sent.

And especially, there were baby pads(like a blanket when bedding) were sent.

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2018 05. 23 WED : Korea Cosmetic/Innisfree,Laneige, K-pop BTS Albums

Today we sent 3,678 pcs of Korean Cosmetic and K-pop Products!

There were many Sleeping Mask Miniature / Lip Sleeping Mask Samples / Eye Sleeping Masks of Laneige.

And Bija Spot Essence Samples / Orchid 4 Kits of Innisfree were sent.

Also so many BTS new albums were sent to Canada & U.S.A.

Their popularity is really great!

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2018 05. 21 MON : Korea Cosmetic/Nature Republic,Innisfree,Laneige, K-pop BTS New Album

Today we sent 7,540 pcs of Korean Cosmetic and K-pop Products!

There were many Soothing Gels of Nature Republic, and sample kit / miniatures of Innisfree & Laneige.

And huge amount of BTS – Love Yourself ‘Tear’ were sent to worldwide.

The BTS album sells more every time it is released newly 🙂

Always popular!

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2018 05. 17 THU : Korea Cosmetic/Innisfree, Laneige, Mise En Scene Products

Today we sent 2,878 pcs of Korean Cosmetic & Hair Products!

There were huge amount of Damage Care / Perfect Care / Anti-aging / Shining Care Series of Mise en scene.

Hello Bubble Hair Color Foams of Mise en scene were sent, too.

Also Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam Samples of Innisfree and Lip Sleeping Masks 3ml of Laneige were sent.

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2018 05. 16 WED : Korea Cosmetic/Laneige, K-pop Cd/dvd Albums

Today we sent 2,763 pcs of Korean Cosmetic & K-pop Products!

There were sample items(trial / for travel) of Laneige & Innisfree.

Fresh Calming 2 Kits, Black Green Tea Anti Aging Mask, Bija Cica Balm, Green Tea Foam Cleanser, Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam.

Also many K-pop products were sent.

Seventeen / Stray Kids / B.I.G / GOT7


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2018 05. 14 MON : Korea Cosmetic/Innisfree, Laneige, K-pop Goods

Today we sent 1,592 pcs of Korean Cosmetic & K-pop Products!

There were a lot of My Real Squeeze Masks of Innisfree. (Cucumber/Bamboo/Aloe/Green Tea/Manuka Honey/Shea Butter/Pomgranate/Tea Tree/Lime/Rose/Acaiberry/Rice/Broccoli/Tomato/Fig/Genseng).

Also Capsule Sleeping Pack Samples(miniatures) of Laneige were sent.

And many K-pop unofficial posters of BTS(A3 size) were sent, too.