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2019.04.10 WED : Korea Cosmetic Samples/Laneige,Innisfree, K-pop Cd/Dvd Products

Today we sent 842 pcs of Korean Cosmetics and K-pop products!

There were Laneige Water Bank Moisture 3 Kits, Fresh Calming 3 Kits and Innisfree Green Tea 4 Kits sent.

And a variety of K-pop goods and Bt21 products were sent to Denmark, U.S.A and Philippines.

Many kinds of Music albums and BT21 merchandises were sent.

Also BTS Official Light Sticks, army bomb ver.3 were sent.

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2019.01.14 MON : Korea Cosmetics/Sulwhasoo,Innisfree, K-pop Cd/dvd Albums,Unofficial Goods

Today we sent 20,454 pcs of Korean Cosmetics and K-pop Cd/dvd and goods products!

There were many sample cosmetics of Sulwhasoo and Innisfree.

Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream 5ml, Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil 1ml / Green Tea Seed Serum 1ml.

They are steady sellers in Korean cosmetic market.

Also there were a lot of K-pop albums and unofficial sent to Australia, Malaysia, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Spain & U.S.A.

Many customers of new countries get it touch us.