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2019.11.06 WED : Korean Health Pads, K-pop Cd/dvd albums SuperM, Got7, A.C.E

Today we sent 1,815 pcs of Korean Health and K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were a lot of Glue Red Ginseng Health Patches(Pads) sent.

It is support items for like arthritis, bruise. Not a remedy.

And many K-pop albums were sent to U.S.A, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Canada, United Kingdoms and Germany.

Our business partners are widening at Europe area 🙂

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2019.11.05 TUE : K-pop Cd/dvd albums, Got7 – Call My Name (Mini Album)

Today we sent 299 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were many quantities of Got7 – Call My Name (Mini Album).

It released today! The covers are totally 4 versions and a lot of photo books(Pre-order Benefit).

The albums are thin type, so light a little.

And several BTS Art Toy (each member type) is released.

The figure is so small but the package is very big one!