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2020.05.19 TUE : Korean hair/body and cosmetic Products, K-pop CD/dvd Albums

Today we sent out 11,017 pcs of Korean cosmetics, hair/body and K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were numerous quantities of Korean cosmetics. 3W Clinic / Food A Holic / Tersia / Epoux and so on.

Also many Ryo products were sent. Ryo Hambitmo and Jayang Younmo shampoos.

And various K-pop music albums were sent, too.

Oneus, Mamamoo Solar, Got7, Red Velvet , Bts, Seventeen, Wayv, Stray Kids, Twice etc.

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2019.09.27 FRI : Korean Hair/Body Products, K-pop Cd/DVD & Official MD

Today we sent 5,907 pcs of Korean Hair/Body and K-pop CD/DVD products!

There were so many Korean hair/body products sent. Kerasys Shampoos, Mise En Scene Shampoos, Showermate Body Washes and other hair styling products.

And a variety of K-pop music albums were sent to Germany, United Kingdoms and Canada.

BTS, Ateez, Twice, Dreamcatcher, Stray Kids, EXO etc.

Also some X1 official Md products were sent. 

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2019.08.13 TUE : Korean Hair/Body items, K-pop Cd/dvd albums

Today we sent 9,079 pcs of Korean Hair/Body and K-pop CD/DVD products!

There were huge amount of Korean Hair/Body products.

R&B Henna / Phyton Therapy Series, Mise En Scene, Food A Holic and so on.

Also a variety of K-pop products were sent. Especially, NCT 127 Puzzle Package Chapter 2 is released 🙂

So many BT21 products were sent, too.