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2019.12.03 TUE : K-pop latest Cd Albums, Twice Official Goods

Today we sent 388 pcs of  K-pop cd/dvd and Twice official goods products!

There were a variety of latest K-pop cd albums sent to Canada Philippines, Germany, Israel and U.S.A.

EXO vol.6, Super Junior Sungmin Orgel, AOA New Moon, Monsta X , Day6, Wheein and so on.

And various official merchandises of Twice and X1 were sent, too.

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2019.11.29 FRI : K-pop Cd Albums and Photobooks (EXO – Vol.6 Obsession/Stray Kids 1st Photobook)

Today we sent 843 pcs of  K-pop cd/dvd and official photobook products!

EXO – Vol.6 Obsession and several K-pop Cd albums were sent to United Kingdom, Finland, Canada, Australia, U.S.A and Germany.

Stray Kids 1st Photobook – Stay in London is released today!

It was delayed long time because of a member’s secession.

We expected it will be released in December, but early released 🙂

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2019.11.28 THU : K-pop Cd Albums EXO – Vol.6 Obsession

Today we sent 478 pcs of  K-pop cd/dvd products!

EXO – Vol.6 Obsession and AOA – New Moon (6th mini album) are released!

Many EXO albums were sent to Germany, USA and Canada.

But there were half amount of order, it will be re-stocked within 4~5 days!