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2020.04.28 TUE : K-pop CD/dvd albums, K-magazines and BT21 Products

Today we sent out 414 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and Goods products!

There were a variety of K-pop albums, like Got7 / Kard / Monsta X / Nct 127 / Oneus / Twice / Straykids / A.C.E / BTS etc.

Also several Blackpink and Exo Baekhyun official goods and BT21 character merchandise were sent.

(But no photos today!)


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2018 04. 24 TUE : Korea Cosmetics/Ryo, K-pop CD/DVD Products

Today we sent 206 pcs of Korea Cosmetic & K-pop Products!

There were many of Hair Loss Care Shampoos of Ryo.

Also a variety of latest K-pop albums were sent.

TWICE – Merry & Happy Monograph, Highteen – Teen Love, VIXX – Vol.3 Eau De Vixx, JBJ – New Moon (Deluxe Edition)… and so on.