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2018 10.22 MON : Korean Cosmetics / Nature Republic Argan Essential Hair Pack

Today we sent 60 pcs of Korea Cosmetic products! (No photos)

There were Argan Essential Hair Packs of Nature Republic.

Nature Republic Argan Hair Care Series are so popular because it is good performance per price 🙂

The best product of Nature Republic is Aloe Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Soothing Gel but Argan Essential Hair Pack is as popular either.


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2018 04. 30 MON : Korea Cosmetic / Banila.Co

Today we sent 30 pcs of Korea Cosmetic Products!

There were Prime Primer Hydrating Powder of Banila Co, but no photos.

Normally, there are not so many products shipped on Monday.

(Largest amount of products are shipped on Thursday or Friday.)