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2019.10.04 FRI : K-pop Cd/DVD – BTS 2019 Summer Packages

Today we sent 710 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and official light stick products!

There were various K-pop albums sent, like BTS / Chen / Oneus / A.C.E / Blackpink / NCT / Stray Kids, Ateez / Monsta X and on on.

Also several Official Light sticks were sent.

Blackpink official light sticks / Shine Fanlights / Twice Candy Bong Z / Ikon Konbat Keyring etc.

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2019.10.02 WED : Korean Hair/Body Products, K-pop Cd/DVD – BTS, Chen, Oneus

Today we sent 3,353 pcs of Korean Hair/Body and K-pop official md products!

There were Huge amount of Mise En Scene Shampoos & Conditioners sent to Myanmar.

Also so many K-pop albums were sent to Germany, U.S.A, Australia, Israel and Canada.

Chen – Dear My Dear (2nd Mini Album) / Oneus – Fly With Us (3rd Mini Album) are released today 🙂