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2020.12.31 THU : Oral-B Tooth Brushes, K-pop cd/dvd albums

Today we sent out 715 pcs of Oral-B Toothbrushes and K-pop cd/dvd albums!

There were several Oral-B Tooth brushes and Refills sent to Singapore.

And many K-pop items were sent to Canada, U.S.A, Israel and Germany.

2021 Season’s Greetings, SuperM 1st Album Concept Photobook Super One, TWICE Mina Photobook ‘Yes, I am Mina’, Korean Magazine 1ST LOOK and so on.

Of course there were a lot of K-pop music cds sent as usual 🙂

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2020.12.30 WED : K-pop cd/dvd albums, 2021 Season’s Greetings / B1A4, Lovelyz

Today we sent out 1,345 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd albums and 2021 Season’s Greetings products!

There were so many K-pop music albums like BTS / ATEEZ / TREASURE / SHINEE / EXO / WOODZ / SF9 and so on.

And a lot of quantities of 2021 Season’s Greetings were sent.

Several B1A4 and Lovelyz season’s greetings are released!

Many kinds of Season’s greetings are released in this year 🙂

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2020.12.21 MON : K-pop cd/dvd, BTS 2021 Season’s Greetings / TXT 2021 Season’s Greetings ‘House Fairy’

Today we sent out 542 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd albums and goods products!

There were many BTS 2021 Season’s Greetings sent to U.S.A, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands and Canada.

It is very big so there were many box packages.

Also several TXT 2021 Season’s Greetings ‘House Fairy’ and Twice 2021 Season’s greetings had been sent.


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2020.12.18 FRI : Korean Red Ginseng Health Pads, K-pop cd/dvd albums

Today we sent out 10,557 pcs of Korean Health and K-pop cd/dvd  albums products!

There were huge amount of Korean Red Ginseng Health Pad(Patch) GLUE, sent to Germany.

It is more larger order than usual order 🙂

Also many kinds of K-pop music cds were sent to Germany, Denmark and Israel.

A lot of popular Kpop albums were sent!