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2020.09.16 WED : K-pop CD/DVD New albums, Stray Kids / Astro Moonbin & Sanha / BTS bangbangcon MD

Today we sent out 1,583 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and goods products!

There were a lot of K-pop items sent to U.S.A, Australia, Poland, Canada, Germany and Netherlands.

Latest albums of Stray Kids / Astro Moonbin & Sanha unit and goods of BTS Bang Bang Con.

And Beyond Live Brochure Photobooks of Wayv and SuperM are released!

It is limited edition, so sold out very quickly.

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2020.09.14 MON : K-pop CD/DVD, BTS The Note Ver.2 / ON&OFF Signed CD

Today we sent out 55 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and MD products!

There were many BTS – The Notes 2 (English version) sent to U.S.A.

And some ON&OFF signed albums were sent, too.

A lot of BT21 md and BTS bbc(bangbangcon) md products were sent, too.