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[BT21] Pattern Pajama Set

  1. Sale Price : 59.9 USD
  2. Origin : China
  3. Selling Store(Url Link) :
  4. Material : 100% RAYON WOVEN TWILL
  5. Size : S, M, L, XL
  6. Cute Patterned Pajamas of BT21 Characters! Very soft and easy wear.(Sold out so quickly)
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2018 09.10 MON : Korea Cosmetics/Hera, Innisfree, K-pop CD/DVD & Goods

Today we sent  1,354 pcs of Korea Cosmetic & K-pop Album Products!!

A lot of Signia Delux Kits of Hera and Green Tea Seed Eye Cream Samples of Innisfree were sent.

Also may BT21 Goods were sent to Australia.

Griptok / Pocket Notebook / Stickey Index

And New albums of Sunmi, Red Velvet and BTS were sent, too.


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2018 08.30 THU : K-pop CD/DVD, Unofficial Products

Today we sent 236 pcs of K-pop CD & Unofficial Products!!

The K-pop products are shipped everyday recently.

It may be prove that K-pop is getting more and more popular 🙂

Not popular only BTS, but also other various groups(idols) are popular.