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2020.06.24 WED : K-pop CD/dvd albums, K-magazines and BT21 Baby Products

Today we sent out 1,584 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and BT21 goods products!

(No photos today)

There are a lot of quantities K-pop latest albums.

Seventeen / Izone / Stray Kids / Wayv and so on.

Also a variety of BT21 Baby items were sent.

BT21 Baby Figure Keyrings, Neck Straps, Mini Standing Dolls, Mini Body Flat Cushions etc.

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2020.05.13 WED : K-pop CD/dvd albums, NU’EST and DAY6 New Albums

Today we sent out 692 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and BT21 products!

There were huge amount of K-pop albums sent to U.S.A, Cambodia, Netherlands and Germany.

NU’EST and DAY6 New Albums are released!

Nu’est – The Nocturne (8th Mini album) / Day6 – The Book Of Us : The Demon

And various K-pop cds and BT21 items were sent, too.