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2019.11.11 MON : K-pop Cd/dvd albums and BT21 Stationery MD

Today we sent 297 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and BT21 products!

There were so many kinds of K-pop music albums sent to Poland and U.S.A.

A.C.E, Ateez, BTS, Got7, Itzy, Day6, Dreamcatcher, Exo, Mamamoo, Nct, Red Velvet, Stray Kids etc.

They are steady sellers or this year! We wonder which group can be a top class in next year, except BTS 🙂

BTS is always the best! 

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2019.08.05 MON : K-pop Music Cd/Dvd Albums and BT21 Merchandises

Today we sent 234 pcs of K-pop CD/DVD & BT21 products!

A variety of K-pop albums were sent to Malaysia and Poland.

BTS World OST, Ateez All albums, Day6, NCT 127 albums are always popular 🙂

Also some Exo official fanlights(light stick) and BT21 Spring Notes were sent.

NCT Dream – We Boom albums were sent, too.

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2019.02.28 THU : K-pop Cd/dvd, Loona – X X, The Icon of K-pop BTS Book

Today we sent 1,195 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd albums and goods!

Huge amount of K-pop products were sent to U.S.A, Israel, Canada, Poland, Iraq, Qatar, Philippines and Malaysia.

There are so many countries 🙂

A variety of K-pop cd/dvd albums like BTS / ATEEZ / NCT / LOONA / (G)-IDLE / CLC / SEVENTEEN / MONSTA-X etc… were sent.

And The Icon of K-pop : BTS (Book / Translated by Korean) were sent, too.