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2020.08.21 FRI : K-pop CD/DVD, BTS 2019 Memories DVD, Official Goods, Signed CD

Today we sent out 1,495 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd, Goods and BT21 products!

There were many BTS 2019 Memories DVDs sent like yesterday 🙂

And a lot of quantities of other K-pop albums and official Goods were sent, too.

Loona, Dreamcatcher, Dongkiz, Oneus, Ateez, BTS etc.

Also Stray Kids Signed CDs are sent out. It has been took quite long time.

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2020.03.13 FRI : K-pop cd/dvd albums and K-pop Official Merchandises

Today we sent out 723 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd albums and K-pop goods products!

 There were a variety of recent K-pop albums sent to Israel, Canada, Germany, U.S.A and Netherlands.

Many stores closed because of Corona Virus in Europe, but K-pop products still popular.

A lot of world tour schedules are cancelled, but we hope re-open as soon as possible.

We wish to this painful situation ended.

Everyone cheer up and take care health! 

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2019.11.14 THU : K-pop Cd Albums Got7 / A.C.E / Monsta X / Ateez

Today we sent 34 pcs of K-pop Cd and Official Gooods products!

There were several items sent to U.S.A.

Got7 Call My Name / A.C.E Under Cover : The Mad Squad / Monsta X Follow-find you / Ateez Treasure Ep.3 One to all.

And Ateez 1st Anniversary Hoodies were sent, too.