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2020.01.13 MON : Korean Face Mask / Neul Hae Rang, K-pop Cd/dvd and BT21 MD

Today we sent 516 pcs of Korean Dust cut masks and K-pop cd/dvd products!

There were a lot of Masks sent to Hong Kong. Neul Hae Rang Dust Cut Mask.(Disposal) There is no shipment photo, above one is just products’ photo for sale.

Also a variety of K-pop cd albums were sent to Canada and U.S.A.

Exo / Momoland / Mamamoo / Ateez / Verivery and so on.

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2020.01.09 THU : A variety of K-pop cd/dvd albums, BT21 merchandises

Today we sent 585 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd albums and BT21 products!

There were so many kinds of K-pop cd/dvd albums sent to U.S.A and Israel.

 A lot of latest albums were sent, like Ateez / Momoland / SF9 / Mamamoo and so on.

Also several Official Goods were sent. N.Flying, BT21 etc. 

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2019.12.26 THU : K-pop cd/dvd, Ateez 2020 Season’s Greetings

Today we sent 412 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd products!

There were many 2020 Season’s greetings sent to U.S.A and Germany.

BTS 2020 Season’s Greetings like yesterday, and A.C.E 2020 Season’s Greetings / Monsta X 2020 Season’s Greetings / Mamamoo 2020 Season’s Greetings were sent.

It becomes more expensive than last year, but many K-pop fans purchase and wait shipment with pleasure 🙂