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2019.10.17 THU : A variety of K-pop Cd/DVD albums

Today we sent 590 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd products! There were a lot of K-pop music albums(cd) sent to Germany and U.S.A. BTS, Ab6ix, Itzy, Oneus, Nct, Stray Kids, Exo, Dreamcatcher, Monsta X, Got7, Twice and so on. There were several past albums and some albums of not popular artists.  It seems that K-pop’s base […]


2019.10.16 WED : BT21 Items, K-pop Cd/DVD albums

Today we sent 374 pcs of BT21 md and K-pop Cd/dvd products! There were so many BT21 stationery items sent. Shape Letters, Epoxy Stickers(Zodiac Version), Jelly Stickers, Golden Edge Stickers, Casting Badge Stickers and so on. BT21 stickers are very popular because of light weight and cheap price 🙂 And a lot of Super Junior […]


2019.10.15 TUE : BT21 Products, K-pop Cd/DVD – Super Junior Vol.9 Time Slip

Today we sent 213 pcs of BT21 character goods and K-pop Cd/dvd products! There were several BT21 Blankets sent to Canada. And some Super Junior – Vol.9 [Time Slip] albums were sent to Germany. Also a sort of K-pop albums were sent to Denmark. EXO-sc, Got7, Monsta X, Tiwce, X1, Mamamoo, Dreamcatcher, Ateez etc.