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2015.11.11 WED


Today we sent?5,903 products!

 – Cosmetics etc Total 4,774 pcs.

– Kpop CDs 209 pcs.

– Toothpaste 1,320 pcs.

It became the middle of a week, wednesday.

Our shipment keep going continually!

Expecting?of? ‘how many amount tomorrow?’ is just a pleasure.

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2015.11.10 TUE


Today we sent?fully 4 trucks?of products!

  • ?? Shampoos / Cosmetics?etc Total 9,275 pcs.
  • – A box and paks are Kpop CDs.

A staff said?who helped with?move these a lot of?boxes,

it became little ache?after third truck.

Please be careful to don’t hurt your waist or foot and so on!!


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2015.11.06 FRI

Today we sent really?huge amount of products.

  • – Median Dental IQ Toothpaste 10,100 pcs
  • – Hair Plus Velvet Nutri Injection Hair Treatment 400 pcs
  • – MEMEBOX Costmetics 410 pcs
  • – Others(Nail/Snack/Foundation/Kpop CDs?etc.) 148pcs

Evey staffs had a lot of efforts! 🙂

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2015.11.05 THU


Today we sent these products!! 🙂

There are so many boxes…

And huge amount of products!

The kinds of products are also a lot.

Cosmetics, Kpop CDs, Hair items and so on.

We?can’t take a photo of inside?pacels?this time, but will take from tomorrow.