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2015.11.30 MON

Today we sent total 2,495 pcs!

There are Hand Creams, Body Items, Mask Packs and makeup items in cosmetic products.


It is popular hand creams and mask packs because of winter.

Korea is a lot colder  since last weekend .


Today is already the last day of November.
And 2015 remained only a month!!
Why dont’ you build the next year plan from now? 🙂


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2015.11.27 FRI

Today we sent total?11,096 pcs! The cosmetic products are delivered by Ocean Shipping. 9,023 pcs are all Innisfree Real Squeeze Mask Packs!!

And 500 pcs are Nature republic’s hand creams.

390 pcs are various items of Hello Kitty hand creams, Lip makeup items, body scrub items(PLU) and so on.

Hello Kitty’s and body scrubs are can see in the photos.


And Kpop Cds and posters are sent 321 pcs.


Every friday is extreme busy!

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2015.11.25 WED

Today we sent cosmetics 4,678 pcs!

The 1/3 items are Apieu’s products.


Apieu is popular brand of excellent price-performance.

The various items were shipped?not biased to one kind.


And K-pop items are shipped 164 pcs. 144 pcs are all B.A.P ‘Matrix’ album.

Their versions are 6 kinds of ?’M’,’A’,T’,’R’,’I’,’X’.

(What a lot types!!)


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2015.11.24 TUE

Today we sent cosmetics 80 pcs!

The items are Nature Republic’s products.


It was most smallest amount recently.

But?there are lot of packaging, did not sent today.


Maybe tomorrow or the day of tomorrow we will send huge amount of products.



We’re updating order sheets continously.


Our website are getting filled with contents every day.

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2015.11.23 MON

Today we sent total 4,485 products of cosmetic(beauty) and K-pop items.

– Cosmetics?4,482 pcs – K-pop CDs 3 pcs (2 Packs)

There are huge amount of “Nature republic” !

The most large amount items are mask packs,

and hair management products.

The best thing to face/hair/body is moisturizer in winter!

I recommend 1 pack per 1 day 🙂

The mask packs are cheap cosmetics and have many of kinds.

It will be better to select kinds depend on your skin condition.

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2015.11.20 FRI

It’s Friday! 🙂


Today we sent total 2,514 products of cosmetic(beauty) and K-pop items.


– Cosmetics 2,511 pcs

– K-pop Dvds 3 pcs


(A small amount of products are all of EBay sold.

We’ll become a top seller!!?)


It was just busy because of weekend.

All works of this week must?ended today.


And now my works of today just ended. Yay!


Have a nice weekend!!

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2015.11.19 THU

Today we sent total 2,942 products of cosmetic(beauty) and K-pop


Today’s photo of inside box shown Doraemong items,

but we sent many other cosmetic products.

(For Base makeup, Cleansing, Mask packs, Lip tints and so on.)


The total weight is about 402kg!!


It was lucky that the weather is just cloudy. (not rainy!)

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2015.11.18 WED

Today we sent 174 products.

All of products are cosmetic items.

Today’s items are ‘Secret Key’, ‘Aritaum’ and ‘Nature Mask’.

(Didn’t take photos of inside today ;_;)

There are skin care products mainly.

Getting cold, people have interest in dry skin care items like creams / essences / serums.

Of course, the mask packs are steady seller.

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2015.11.16 MON

Today we sent 172 products.

It is the number of days, also fewer days 🙂

– Cosmetics  170 pcs.

– Kpop CD 2 pcs.

Peripera’s Peri’s Tint series and other brand’s cosmetics.

It was mainly make-up products.

But it becomes winter in Korea, so hand cream items well sold.

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2015.11.13 FRI

Today we sent 530 products even rainy all day.

– Cosmetics : 355pcs.

– Kpop CDs : 175 pcs.

The total products are not many amount?like yesterday.

And you can see the character of Doraemong again.

It seems like very popular in some country, not only in Korea!

The character is so old but still cute.