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2016.01.06 WED


Happy New year!

Today we sent total 2,714 pieces!

Kpop products are?almost?’Seasons Greetings’ items.

It can feel me ‘ New year begun!’.

And the cosmetic items are many kinds of brands.

Banila Co and It’s skin are?popular not?only in Korea but also in overseas,

but Urban Dollkiss / APIEU / Baviphat are not popular pretty much.

Customers or buyers are?always?interested in New Brands.

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2015.12.31 THU


Today we sent 25,128 pieces!

What a huge amount!! 🙂

We’re finished the?2015 year with lot of parcels.

22,000 pieces of?them?are sent by Ocean ship.

Too many boxes, so the photos got smaller than before.

Anyway 2015 year is end today.

Everyone Happy new year!!!!

* Our new year holiday : 2016.01.01 ~ 2016.01.03

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2015.12.30 WED


Today we sent 648 pieces products!

There’re not so many items.

Specially there are ‘VB program’, the kind of drink shipped.

It helps for women diet.

So popular in summer but ‘diet never stop whenever even winter!’?.

The order?little decreased?because of “year-end season”.

Finally, 2015 left only a day.

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2015.12.29 TUE



Today we sent 1,590 pieces!

Many of cosmetics and kpop products shipped to worldwide.

The cosmetic brands of shipped are?Secret Keys / Missha / ?Etude House / Innisfree / Jenny House / Nature Republic / Guerisson Mayu(Horse Oil) / Banila Co.

Many cosmetic brands!

(But there are lot of other cosmetic brands in Korea.)

Everytime I’m saying ‘Many cosmetic brands’,

actually a lot of new brands made every year.

Because Korean Cosmetics are very popular in worldwide.

So everyone want to cosmetic business.

But it is hard to success without radical preparing.

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2015.12.24 THU


Today we sent 793 pieces!

Many of cosmetics and kpop products shipped to worldwide.

Today is the Christmas Eve!! (KST)

There is not snowy at outside, so can’t expect White Christmas.

But the?weather of BUSAN is so warm even in winter,

(rare case of?below zero temperature)

it is hard to view snow.

But it is?holiday 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

* Notify once again – our holiday(included weekend)



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2015.12.23 WED

Today we shipped?832 pcs to Hongkong, Indonesia, US!

There are so many kinds of cosmetic brands’ products.

Innisfree, Etude House, Misha, Enprani, Danahan, Sum, The Whoo, OHUI etc.

Also the?types of cosmetic items.

Mainly skin care kinds.

And there are different characteristics in popular items?by each countries.

The one of reasons,?maybe?caused from climate.

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2015.12.22 TUE

Today we shipped cosmetics?2,323 pcs to Hongkong, Cambodia, USA

and kpop products 620 pcs to Vietnam, Canada, USA!

(Sorry but couldn’t take pictures of kpop products today ;_;)

There are also many kinds of cosmetics we shipped.

Especially sent ?many of ‘YADAH’ and ‘horse oil(mayu) series’ in this time.

YADAH is a cosmetic brand for Teenager.

so not well known to oversea buyers.

(The teenager cosmetics are rare in Korean market!)

But they’re getting bigger with several marketing.

We can see them at Department store in Korea.

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2015.12.21 MON


The Christmas week started today 🙂

We shipped 1,081 pcs to Hongkong, Indonesia and so on!!

It was mainly cosmetic kind.

Mask packs, Makeup Items, Skin Care items…

Korea is winter season now, but Indonesia is always tropical climate.

Therefore the moisture function products are popular in Korea,

while pore care and whitening products are still popular in Indonesia.

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2015.12.17 THU

Today we sent 88 pcs!

Today’s amount is ve~~~ry small.

Therefore the photos are just one!!

Some cosmetics and Kpop goods were sent.

It shipped to Hongkong and U.S.

The Christmas is?approaching a week.

Many people prepare gifts for their family or friends.

So the limited gift collections are well selling 🙂

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2015.12.16 WED

Today we sent total?511 pieces!

The products were ship to U.S , Vietnam, Canada.

(Many photos! So attached by small size.)

The Kpop items are mainly east asia and some europe country and U.S.

But it sent to Canada in this time 🙂

The popularity of Kpop is worldwide!!16

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2015.12.15 TUE

Today we sent total?622 pcs!

The Cosmetic products are only 50 pcs of

MISHA’s makeup items and SECRET KEY’s toners.

But EXO Winter Special album ‘Sing For You’ was a lot of amount.

533 pcs!! Wow!

EXO is one of the most popular boy groups in Korea.

We sold the ‘Overdose’ album about 1,000 pcs last year.

They are also popular in oversea.

Other kpop items are?Girl’s generation (TTS), Zico, Lovelyz, A pink, Daysix.

Many?new albums are released a short period of?time!

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2015.12.14 MON

Today we sent total 664 pcs!

There are many Hair Dying items.

‘Hot Style Bubble Foam Hair Color’ of Etude House.

Of course, the Etude House brand is well known by Makeup items.

But it is not well known in Korea that they have good hair colors.

Also it is easy to use by bubble type.

And there are also many of ‘Jenny House marble foundation sticks’.

It is stick type foundation like its name, very easy to use.

These days, it is given the limelight easy-to-use cosmetics.