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2016.04.19 TUE

Today we sent 5,287 pieces of products!

Lot of Median toothpastes, Hera Zeal Perfumed soaps , Ryo hair items and Jenny House Perfect Skin Marble Foundations on the truck in the photos.

Also many of Missha line friends edition were sent.

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2016.04.11 MON

Today we sent 332 pieces of products!

There were various items of Eglips, ?Ryo, Mise en scene, LG.

And “BTS Now 3” were 67 pcs.

The orders were so many but the factory made just small amount…(Moreover there will be no additional manufacturing!)

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2016.04.06 WED

Today we sent 2,007 pieces of products!

Modi nail series and some makeup items of ARITAUM, Scrub items of PLU and some hair care items of Ryo to Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore.

Also many Kpop albums and goods to Canada, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia!

(Many of BTS albums and goods)