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2020.11.13 FRI : K-pop CD/DVD albums, Signed CD, Super Junior D&E Puzzle Package, BT21 2021

Today we sent out 462 pcs ofย  K-pop cd/dvd and BT21 Products!

There were a variety of K-pop music cds and goods sent to Finland.

Super Junior D&E Puzzle Package : Bad Blood Version is released! (Limited Edition)

And several signed cds of Everglow and Vav were sent, too.

BT21 Baby 2021 Diary & Desk Calendar are popular ๐Ÿ™‚

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2020.11.12 THU : Korean Cosmetics/Innisfree, Mise en scene, Latest K-pop CD/DVD albums, BT21 Products

Today we sent out 746 pcs ofย  Korean Cosmetics, K-pop cd/dvd and BT21 Products!

There were many latest K-pop albums like Taemin / Seventeen / Wonho / Secret Number / Mamamoo etc.

Also several BT21 products were sent. BT21 Baby Mini Eco bags.

And some K-pop official light sticks(Monsta X, Sunmi) were sent.

Innisfree Green Tea Series skin care products and Mise en scene Perfect serums were sent, too. (No photos)

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2020.11.11 WED : Korean Hair Color/Hello Bubble, K-pop CD/DVD albums & official Light Sticks

Today we sent out 1,229 pcs of Korean Cosmetics, Hair/Body and K-pop Products!

There were Mise en scene Hello Bubble Hair Colors, Etude House My Beauty Tool and Skin Care items sent.

And NO BRAND Yogurt Powder, Oral-B Tooth brushes and refills were sent, too.

Also so many kinds of K-pop cd/dvd albums with Official Light Sticks were sent.

Monsta X, Bigbang, Golden Child, Pentagon, Shinee, SF9, Loona and N.Flying and so on.

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2020.11.10 TUE : K-pop CD/DVD albums, New released Ha Sungwoon / Taemin / Gfriend

Today we sent out 546 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd and BT21 Products!

There were a variety of K-pop music cds sent to Netherlands, Germany and Philippines.

Many K-pop new albums, Ha Sung Woon / Taemin / Gfriend.

Also a lot of quantities of BT21 2020 winter standing dolls with 2021 Desk Calendars & Diary(Scheduler) were sent.

Many people buy them for Christmas or New year present ๐Ÿ™‚

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2020.11.06 FRI : Korean Cosmetics/Innisfree, Laneige, Etude, K-pop CD/DVD and The Boyz Official MD

Today we sent out 33,816 pcs of Korean Cosmetics and K-pop cd/dvd Products!

There were huge amount of Korean cosmetics of Innisfree, Laneige and Etude House sent.

Hand Creams and many sample cosmetics(miniature / trial kit).

Also many K-pop items were sent to Canada, Philippines, Germany and U.S.A.

Latest albums included Park Jihoon new album and Winner Mino new album.

And a lot of The Boyz Concert Tour Md were sent, too.

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2020.11.05 THU : K-pop CD/DVD Albums, Mamamoo – Travel (10th mini album)

Today we sent out 1,848 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd and Official Merchandise Products!

There were various K-pop albums and goods sent to Israel, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Canada and U.S.A.

Many latest K-pop albums include Mamamoo’s new albums.

Mamamoo released new mini album 10th! Their albums are steady sellers ๐Ÿ™‚

And a lot of BT21 products were sent, too.

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2020.11.04 WED : K-pop CD/DVD Albums, K-pop official merchandise

Today we sent out 1,848 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd and Goods Products!

There were so many quantities of K-pop music albums sent to United Kingdom, U.S.A, Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Chile and Netherlands.

BTS / Blackpink / TXT / The Boyz / Mamamoo / Stray Kids / Twice / NCT 127 / Monsta Xย  / ITZY / Pentagon and so on.

A variety of K-pop official goods with BT21 MD were sent, too.

Tumblers, Badge sets, Key Rings and Stickers etc.

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2020.11.03 TUE : Korean Health Pad(Patch), K-pop CD/DVD – Monsta X Fatal Love

Today we sent out 4,545 pcs of Korean Health Pads and K-pop cd Products!

There were a lot of quantities of Korean Red Ginseng Health Pad(Patch) sent.

And Monsta-x & AB6IX new albums are released!

Monsta-x Vol.3 Fatal Love, AB6IX 3rd ep Salute.

Many other new albums like Twice, TXT, P1harmony, Drippin etc were sent, too.

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2020.11.02 MON : Korean Cosmetics/Etude House, Innisfree, K-pop CD/DVDs

Today we sent out 612 pcs of Korean cosmetics, K-pop cd and goods Products!

There were many Korean Cosmetics of Etude House and Innisfree sent.

Foot Care / Hand Creams, Special Care Masks and so on.

And several latest K-pop albums with BT21 Baby products were sent, too.(But no photos)

BT21 Baby Hand Warmer Cushion is quite popular ๐Ÿ™‚

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2020.10.30 FRI : Korean Cosmetics/Hair and Body products, K-pop CD/DVD

Today we sent out 13,127 pcs of Korean cosmetics, K-pop cd/dvd albums and BT21 Products!

There were huge quantities of Korean cosmetics & hair/body products sent.

Food A Holic Body Lotion / Natural Mask, 3W Clinic Foot Treatment, Deoproce Body Lotion, Epoux Hand Cream and so on.

Also a lot of K-pop products and BT21 character goods were sent.

P1harmony, Drippin, TXT, NCT 2020, IU, Jbj95 etc.

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2020.10.29 THU : K-pop CD/DVD, CIX / Twice / Seventeen / Loona etc… And K-pop Goods, K-magazines

Today we sent out 1,999 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd albums and magazine Products!

There were many quantities of K-pop items sent to Canada, U.S.A, Germany, Poland and Sweden.

New albums, CIX / Twice / TXT / Seventeen / Loona / SuperM and so on.

Several kinds of K-magazines and K-pop official goods were sent, too.

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2020.10.28 WED : K-pop new released albums, Twice / SuperM / TXT, BT21 goods

Today we sent out 4,288 pcs of K-pop cd/dvd albums and BT21 Products!

There were huge amount of new K-pop albums sent to U.S.A, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Canada and Finland.

A lot of countries we sent to and many products ๐Ÿ™‚

Twice – Vol.2 Eyes Wide Open, SuperM – Vol.1 Super One, TXT – minisode 1 : Blue Hour, Seventeen – ; Semicolon Special Album.

Also many kinds of BT21 goods / K-magazines / K-pop official goods / Other K-pop albums were sent.