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2019.11.12 TUE : Korean hair/body products – Mise en scene Hello Bubble

Today we sent 80 pcs of Korean hair color products!

There were a lot of Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam Hair Colors sent to Australia.

6A (Dusty Ash) / 7MA (Metalic Ash) / 7P (Sahara Rose Pink) colors.

It is popular because of Blackpink Edition!

K-pop cd albums are not arrived at our warehouse, so we couldn’t sent today 🙁

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2019.11.11 MON : K-pop Cd/dvd albums and BT21 Stationery MD

Today we sent 297 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and BT21 products!

There were so many kinds of K-pop music albums sent to Poland and U.S.A.

A.C.E, Ateez, BTS, Got7, Itzy, Day6, Dreamcatcher, Exo, Mamamoo, Nct, Red Velvet, Stray Kids etc.

They are steady sellers or this year! We wonder which group can be a top class in next year, except BTS 🙂

BTS is always the best! 

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What is Korea Buying Service?

What is Korea Buying service?


An overseas customer contacted us by mail.

Do you still take order for
I want to buy the items as Attached.
Can you quote me the price?
Shipment by EMS to Malaysia.
I can make Payment by PayPal.
Thank you

We simply sent the quote to buyer as buying service.

if the overseas customer makes a payment, the buying service will proceed and the overseas customer can receive the goods within 7 days.


Topic 1. What is Korea Buying service?

The similar words are “Purchase service” “Shipping service” Forwarding service” “Proxy service” etc.

When an oversea buyer requests a product to purchase, the company in Korea purchases on behalf of overseas buyers and ships products.


Topic 2. Who wants a buying service?

– When a oversea buyer wants to buy something in Korea online/offline market,

But, a Korean seller doesn’t ship overseas or the products is only distributed in Korea market.
But, online store does not accept foreign credit card.

– Oversea buyer buy products from various online/Offline shopping shop and to reduce international shipping costs through combined delivery.


Topic 3. How It work?

Oversea buyer Request products => Buying service company make a quotation => Oversea buyer make a payment => Buying service company ships to oversea buyer.


Topic 4. who is the best buying service company in Korea?

Recently, many Korean companies have started buying services. You can search many companies by typing “buying service from Korea” on Google.

Should choose a company that you can comfortably order.

Should choose a company that have a lot of experience of international shipping. because they advise on customs clearance and have a lowest shipping cost.


K-Business tip.

(How do i make a money using the Buying service)

Recently, Korean online market is very competitive. As a result, wholesale prices and retail prices are becoming similar. In some products, retail prices is equal to or cheaper than the wholesale price.
You can purchase these products at wholesale prices without a minimum order quantity. 
This information will be very important to your business.

If you would like to receive this information by email, please contact us. The email address is on the website.


Buying service is also a very good business method for sample purchases. Buyer can receive variety products by each manufacturers from one buying service company. You will save a lot of working time.
It is very difficult for buyers to contact multiple companies to purchase samples or request samples. Just check the quality of the product.

Now, Just buy it online.


We understand that It is very difficult understanding shopping malls in Korean. But if you find a product that is not in your country, You will be first importer. You can sell without a competitor, and your sales margin(Profit) may increase until you have a competitor.
In fact, many foreign sellers make money from buying services. They get a lot of product information from us and they can search Korean shopping malls and find products by themselves.
If the product is in high demand in your country, it will be very easy to sell. You can calculate whether or not you can sell in your market.

Don’t assume that buying at a retail price will never sell in your country.


WHOLEKOREA start buying service business since 2010 years. As the best partner of FedEx / DHL, we have the best international shipping prices. We are exporting to over 40 countries overseas and have a lot of shipping experience. Sea shipping is also available.




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2019.11.08 FRI : K-pop Cd/dvd albums and Official Light Sticks, BT21 MD

Today we sent 180 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and Official Goods products!

There were several Official Light Sticks of Twice (Candybong Z), Monsta X and Blackpink.

And several BT21 Neon Stickers, Hairpins, Airpod Cases etc were sent, too.

Also a variety of K-pop music cds were sent, BTS / Super Junior / TXT / NCT 127 / Ab6ix / Taemin / Wanna One and so on.

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2019.11.07 THU : K-pop Cd/dvd albums and Official Merchandises / BT21

Today we sent 722 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and Official Goods products!

There were several Official Light Sticks of Super Junior and Fanlight Pouches of EXO.

Also Twice Kakao Friends Official Merchandises, Ateez Official goods, BT21 Baby Doll Series, SuperM AR T-shirts were sent.

And a lot of Ateez – vol.1 [Treasure EP.Fin : All To Action] Special Limited Edition were sent to U.S.A, too.

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2019.11.06 WED : Korean Health Pads, K-pop Cd/dvd albums SuperM, Got7, A.C.E

Today we sent 1,815 pcs of Korean Health and K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were a lot of Glue Red Ginseng Health Patches(Pads) sent.

It is support items for like arthritis, bruise. Not a remedy.

And many K-pop albums were sent to U.S.A, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Canada, United Kingdoms and Germany.

Our business partners are widening at Europe area 🙂

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2019.11.05 TUE : K-pop Cd/dvd albums, Got7 – Call My Name (Mini Album)

Today we sent 299 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were many quantities of Got7 – Call My Name (Mini Album).

It released today! The covers are totally 4 versions and a lot of photo books(Pre-order Benefit).

The albums are thin type, so light a little.

And several BTS Art Toy (each member type) is released.

The figure is so small but the package is very big one!

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2019.11.01 FRI : K-pop Cd/dvd albums, SuperM – SuperM (1st Mini Album)

Today we sent 1,356 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd!

SuperM – SuperM (1st Mini Album) and A.C.E – Under Cover : The Mad Squad (3rd Mini Album) are released today!

So many albums of SuperM were sent to Canada, Germany, Poland and Netherlands.

Also various BT21 merchandises were sent 🙂

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2019.10.31 THU : K-pop Cd/dvd albums, Un-official Merchandises

Today we sent 448 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and Un-official Goods products!

There were various K-pop cd albums sent to Israel and U.S.A.

BTS, NCT 127, NCT Dream, Seventeen, Stray Kids, Twice, Taeyeon, 1the9 and so on.

Also many un-official md products were sent.

A3 size posters, Mini Poster Set, High Glossy Postcard Set etc.

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2019.10.30 WED : K-pop Cd/dvd albums, Winner – Cross (3rd Mini Album)

Today we sent 735 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and Official Goods products!

There were a variety of latest & popular albums sent to Australia, Germany, U.S.A, United Kingdoms, Finland and Canada.

Winner’s 3rd Mini Album, ‘Cross’ is released today!

Also many other popular albums, like Ateez / BTS / Monsta X etc were sent.

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2019.10.29 TUE : K-pop Cd/dvd albums, Monsta-X – Follow – Find You (7th Mini Album)

Today we sent 1,214 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and un-official merchandise products!

There were a lot of K-pop music albums sent to U.S.A and Germany.

Monsta X 7th Mini Album, Follow-Find You is released today!

They made 7th album already 🙂

Also Taeyeon’s New Album, Purpose is released with deluxe version.

She is so popular even solo.


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2019.10.25 FRI : Korea Cosmetics/ETUDE,Natureby,FoodAHolic, K-pop Cd/dvd

Today we sent 14,716 pcs of Korean Cosmetic and K-pop Cd/dvd products!

There were huge amount of cosmetic samples and hair/body items.

Etude House Body Lotions, Natureby Essence Masks, Hello Bubble Hair Colors, Food A Holic Body Lotions & Natural Essence Masks, 3W Clinic skin care products and so on.

And a lot of K-pop albums were sent.

1The9 2nd mini album and NCT 127 1st Tour Neo City : Seoul – The Origin Photobook & Live Album are released today!

Therefore we sent many of them 🙂