How to Find Suppliers and Manufacturers in South Korea

How to find korean manufacturers in korea?

It is actually very difficualt to find a korean supplier on Alibaba, which is the most used in te world.

We will introduce the easiest way to find a supplier in Korea.

Korea has gathered information in one place. therefore you can find products of korean manufacture.

Korean Online Manufacture Directories.

  1. Tradekorea
  2. GobizKorea
  3. Buykorea

There are Three web sites, but there are overlapping companies and products(many items updated same products & companies) So, you can easily find the products or manufacturer you are looking for by just one. We recommend Tradekorea.

You can see detailed information about the products and clear pictures. and you can contact the supplier directly.

However, it is not easy to find a company that is not registered on above websites.
In addition to, how to find a supplier in korea.

  1. Searching : Search on Naver, Google, or Social networks
  2. Find at online marketplaces : Gmarket and Cupang, Naver Store etc.
  3. Trade Show or Fair
  4. Using an agency
    – Finding the suitable manufacturer for you can take time and money. you may be better using an agency like ours.
    Let us know which products your company are interested in,
    We can do the work in korea that your company needs. for example, we can help you find a suitable manufacturer and make a products, and export.

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