Korean cosmetic business (Part 1. Use korea wholesale online store)


Maybe you are a company that sells korean cosmetics in your country, or a company that want to start selling.

To find new korean cosmetics, you tried to contact korean companies a lot.  but you meet many conditions for the korean cosmetic business.


Disadvantages of well-known korea cosmetic brand

  1. Suddenly, company supply to your county is stopped due to an exclusive contact with a another company.
  2. Order quantity or amount is high
  3. Handling period is more than 1 to 3 weeks. and could not receive the products you wanted, because it was suddenly out of stock.
  4. So many cosmetic exporters in korea, it was difficult to detaermine if they were trustworthy or not.

For your business, We will tell you how to expend korean cosmetic brands and products.

  1. The minimum order quantity is small
  2. It has the advantage of being able to test the market at a low cost.
It is to use wholesale store online.
The name is “Domeggook”


Domeggook is korean version of china’s Alibaba. it is an online shop where many distribution companies sell their products at wholesale price. If your company import various products and update on your online store, you can expend more korean brand. when you find good products here, you can contact to manufactureres or distributors. furthermore can make an exclusive contract for a long term business.

The website address is https://www.domeggook.com


How to use the online store.

First of all, This site is made only in Korean bacause it is a site that conncts korean distributors and retailers. you need to shop using a translator like Chrome.

We will show you how to use it with the video. first, go to the cosmetics category, and click the product you are interested.

You can check the wholesale price here without register and log-in. Currency is KRW(Won)

On the detail page, you can check the wholesale price / minimum purchase quantity / Domestic shipping cost.


How to calculate product’s price.

We will tell you how much you can import this products and how to calculate it.

(Products Price(KRW) * Minimum QTY + Domestick shipping cost) / Exchange rate

Calculate : 150KRW * 40pcs + 3000KRW / Exchange rate(1,100 / 1USD) = 150 * 40 + 3000 / 1100
* Exchange rates are negotiable.

You can buy it for 8.18USD(40pcs)

If you want to know the international shipping cost, please contact us. We will give you the lowest shippng cost(DHL / Fedex)


Thank you.

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