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2018 12.27 THU : K-pop Cd/dvd Products and Korean Cosmetics / Deoproce, Ryo, Kerasys, Migabee, Etude

Today we sent 7,704 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and cosmetic products!

Huge amount of Korean cosmetics were sent.

Deoproce / Shower Mate / Kerasys / Ryo / Migabee / Etude House / 3W Clinic…. and so on.

Also many K-pop cd/dvd were sent to Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, Germany and U.S.A.

A lot of Exo – Vol.5 [Don’t mess up my tempo] Vivace Version (Limited Edition) with various 2019 Season’s Greetings were sent.

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2018 12.24 MON : K-pop Cd/dvd Products, 2019 Seasons’ Greetings

Today we sent 815 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd and goods products!

Many albums were sent to Philippines, Germany, Canada, Singapore and U.S.A.

Also various 2019 Season’t Greetings were sent.

Twice / Monsta-X / Vixx / Nct / Exo / Super Junior / Shinee / Girls Generation and so on.

And BT21 products were sent, too.


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2018 12.21 FRI : Korean Cosmetics/Eunyul,3W Clinic,Natureby, K-pop Cd/dvd Products

Today we sent 4,904 pcs of Korean cosmetics and K-pop Cd/dvd products!

Huge amount of K-cosmetic products were sent.

Foodaholic 3D Mask Pack, Eunyul Mask Pack, Naturby Mask Pack and various makeup products of 3W Clinic.

They are popular by good prices for performance. Especially horse oil creams (or mask sheets) are popular in dry winter season.

Also a lot of K-pop albums with official light sticks(Red Velvet / Oh My Girl) were sent.


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2018 12.20 THU : K-pop Cd/dvd Products, BTS Light Sticks

Today we sent 547 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd albums and goods!

Various K-pop albums were sent. Twice – Yes or Yes / The 3rd Special Album, BTS , NCT 127, Jennie, Wanna One, Seventeen, Stray Kids, Izone, Monsta X , EXO and so on.

So many kinds of Music albums were sent to Canada, Malaysia, Poland and U.S.A.

Also a lot of BTS Official Light Stick : Army Bomb Ver.3 were sent.

They are all pre-ordered products 🙂

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2018 12.19 Wed : K-pop Cd/dvd Products, BT21 Deco Stickers, Twice Light Sticks

Today we sent 223 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd albums and goods!

A variety of BT21 goods, like Figure Keyrings / Deco Stickers / Gel Pens were sent.

Also many official light sticks of Twice and BTS were sent. 

And some Cd albums were sent,too. DAY6 / EXO / NCT / WANNA ONE / SONG MINHO

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2018 12.18 TUE : K-pop Cd/dvd Products, BTS Army Bomb Ver.3, Unofficial Goods

Today we sent 923 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd albums and BTS Official light sticks!

Huge amount of BTS official light sticks, Army Bomb Ver.3 sent to U.S, Israel, Canada, Germany, Australia and Denmark.

There were many order in Pre-order Period, but it is not enough stock.

Sorry to all buyers who couldn’t bought enough.

The entertainment company(manufacturer) made it not enough always.

We’re doing our best for every orders!

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2018 12.17 MON : K-pop Cd/dvd Albums, BT21 Goods

Today we sent 507 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd albums and BT21 Goods!

There were various K-pop albums like Twice 3rd Special Album, FM 201.8 Fantagio Special Album, BTS albums and so on.

Also a sort of BT21 items were sent.

Gel Pens(Popular item), Mini Cushion Pillows, PP Holders etc.

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2018 12.14 FRI : K-pop Cd/dvd Albums, EXO / TWICE New Albums

Today we sent 1,525 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd albums!

There were almost Music cds and photo books today, no K-pop goods 🙂

Huge amount of Exo – Vol.5 Repackage [Love Shot], Twice – The 3rd Special Album and BTS – 2018 Exhibition Book ‘OLZ’  were sent to U.S, Canada, Australia and Germany.

Not only BTS but also Exo and Twice are top class of K-pop idols!

Their albums are always popular.

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2018 12.13 THU : K-pop Cd/dvd Albums, BT21 Cushions

Today we sent 433 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd albums and BT21 Products!

There were a variety of Cd albums sent to Denmark, Poland and Chile.

Block B, Day6, Exo, Bts, Stray Kids, Taemin, Jay Park, Nct, Monsta X, Twice  etc.

BT21 Goods are always popular 🙂

Cushions / Lying Hair Bands / Bag Charm Dolls and so on.

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2018 12.12 WED : K-pop Cd/dvd Albums, Day6 – Remember Us Youth Part 2 (4th Mini Album)

Today we sent 762 pcs of K-pop Cd/dvd albums Products!

There were so many CDs than usual shipment. Usually a lot of BT21 of some other Official Goods were sent with CDs.

A variety of CDs were sent to Israel, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Australia, Poland and Malaysia.

We’re sending to many counties recently 🙂

Day6’s new album, Remember Us : Your Part 2 (4th Mini Album) were released yesterday, so many quantities were sent.

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2018 12.11 TUE : Korean Cosmetics/Sulwhasoo Kits, K-pop Cd/dvd Albums and Light Sticks

Today we sent 1,120 pcs of Korean Cosmetics and K-pop Cd/dvd Goods Products!

 Many quantities of Sulwhasoo Trial Kits or Mini size samples were sent.

Basic Kit, Gentle Cleansing Oil 50ml, Clarifying Pack 50ml, Overnight Vitalizing Mask 30ml and so on.

And a lot of Official Light Sticks were sent, too.

Stray Kids, Wanna One, Super Junior, Shinee, Red Velvet, Pentagon, NCT etc.


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2018 12.07 FRI : Korean Cosmetics/Kerasys, Mise En Scene,Food A Holic, K-pop Cd/dvd Albums and Goods

Today we sent 4,284 pcs of Korean Hair/Body Cosmetics and K-pop Cd/dvd Goods Products!

Huge amount of Hair/Body items were sent, R&B Phyton Therapy Olive Acid Series, Kerasys Perfumed Shampoos and Epoux Hand Creams / Terasia Hand Creams etc.

The hand creams are very popular in winter season 🙂

And a lot of Official K-pop Goods were sent, Stray Kids / Ikon / BT21 / BTS and so on.

The 2019 Season’s Greetings of SM Entertainment are released! Exo / Nct / Red Velvet / Shinee / Super Junior / TVXQ / Girls’ Generation