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Missha Sample Catalog & Price List

Brand Name : Missha

Product variety : 39 Kinds of Sample

Handling Time : 7days

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Exporter Note

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1MisshaPure Source Cell Sheet Mask Aloe ( Not for sale product )
8MisshaCho Gong Jin Young An Go Cream 1g
9MisshaFor Men All In One Treatment Essece Lotion 1g
10MisshaSignature Real Complete BB cream 21 1g
11MisshaSignature Real Complete BB cream 23 1g
12MisshaCho Gong Jin Eye Cream 0.7g
13MisshaTime Revolution White Cure Blanc Tone Up Serum 1g
14MisshaSuper Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam 3g
15MisshaSuper Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam 20ML
16MisshaSuper Aqua Ultra Waterfull Cream 1g
17MisshaSuper Aqua Ultra Waterfull Serum 1g
18MisshaSuper Aqua Ultra Waterfull Mini 4 Kit
19MisshaNutritious Toner & Emulsion & Cream 1g
20MisshaNutritious Eye Cream 0.7g
21MisshaAll Around Safe Block Sun Milk Soft Finish 1g
22MisshaAll Around Safe Block Sun Milk Waterproof 1g
23MisshaCho Bo Yang BB Cream 23 1ml
24MisshaTime Revolution Vitality Toner  & Lotion 5ml Kit
25MisshaFor Men Extreme Renew Skin & Lotion 5ml Kit
26MisshaCho Gong Jin Skin & Lotion & Essence & Cream 1ml
27MisshaTime Revolution Bridal Cream Blooming Tone Up 1g
28MisshaNear Skin Simple Therapy Toner & Lotion 5 ml Kit
29MisshaFor Men ALL In Tone Tone Up Essence 1g
30MisshaNear Skin Madecanol Cream 1ml
31MisshaFor Men All In One Tone Up Essence 45ml 
32MisshaScalp Therapy Shampoo 8g
33MisshaGeum Sul Skin & Lotion & Essecne & Cream 1g
34MisshaNear Skin Trouble Cut Toner & Cream & Spot Solution 1g
35MisshaMake Up Starter Moist Layering & Pore Blur & Strobeam 1g
36MisshaRadiance Foundation Vanilla Yellow 21 1g
37MisshaPerfect Limited Miniature Kit
38MisshaDaily Wear Foudation Vanilla 21 1g
39MisshaDaily Wear Foudation Sand 23 1g