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2018 02. 02 FRI : Korean Cosmetics / 3W CLINIC, NATURE REPUBLIC, EVAS, RYO, K-pop Albums & Goods

Today we sent? 15,006 pcs of Korean Cosmetics & K-pop Products!

There were huge amount of Cosmetic / Hair / Body Products : Base Makeup Items of 3W CLINIC, Aloevera Soothing Gels of NATURE REPUBLIC, One Touch Nails of A’PIEU, Silk Body Scrub of PLU, Rose Mine Steam Soft Body Set of EVAS, Nature Essence Masks of FOOD A HOLIC, Jayangyunmo Hair Loss Care Series of RYO, Silk recovery Hair Ampoules / Caviar Shining Turn Over Ampoules of DEOPROCE and so on.

Also a variety of K-pop albums and goods were sent : JONGHYUN – POET | ARTIST, DAY6, DEAN, F(X), GOLDEN CHILD, HIGHLIGHT, SHINEE, ASTRO, TWICE, ASTRO, BTS, PENTAGON, GOT7, EXO and SNUPER etc.

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