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2017.08.17 THU : Korea Cosmetic / THE FACE SHOP, LANEIGE, MISE EN SCENE, KARADIUM, K-pop Albums & Goods

Today we sent 2,075 pcs of Korean Cosmetic Products & K-pop Items!

There were The Simpsons Editions, Rice Water Bright Cleansing Series, Real Nature Masks of THE FACE SHOP.

And Time Freeze Face Fit Rollers of LANEIGE. (It is a kind of Beauty Tool)

Also Hair Colors, Hair Waxes of MISE EN SCENE, some makeup items of KARADIUM, body washes of HAPPY BATH etc.

Some K-pop goods of BTS & PRODUCE 101 were sent.

And a variety of new K-pop albums were sent, too. (JESSICA / BTS / TWICE / RED VELVET / JUNG YOUNG HWA…)


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