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Etudehouse Precious Pearl BB Cream 1g X 3 pcs Kit

Brand Name : Etudehouse

Product Name : Precious Pearl BB Cream 1g X 3 pcs Kit

Volume  : 1g X 3pcs

Handling Time : 7days

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Payment Method

– T/T(Bank Transfer) / Paypal / Western Union

Exporter Note

  1. This is the sample product for trial, or travel.
  2. If you can not find country where you want to import, please contact us.
  3. If you want to get full price list for etude house sample, please contact email.
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Order Rule

 Type :

Matt 1 (Beige, Petal, Vanilla)

Matt 2 (Tan, Sand, Beige)

Moist 1 (Beige, Petal, Vanilla)

Most 2  (Tan, Sand, Beige)

You can order type you want.

Each type is packed per 60pcs in one pack

Please choose type and meet total 1200pcs at least.


ex) Matt 1 x 300pcs

      Matt 2 x 300pcs

     Moist 1 x 300pcs

     Moist 2 x 300pcs  

 = total 1200pcs


ex) Matt 1 x 600pcs

      Moist 1 x 600pcs

= total 1200pcs




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2. Export Price is Products cost + Shipping Cost.(Door to Door Service)
3. Delivery time is 2~3days from departure date.(EMS take 1~2days more)

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Express Global Shipping(CN/ID/MY/PH/TH/VN)

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1. Export Price is include Shipping Cost & Import Taxes

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