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2016.03.15 TUE

Today we sent 1,309 pieces of products!

There were Kpop albums of BTS ‘ Hwayangyeonhwa’, iKon ‘Welcome back’, Winner ‘ Exit:E’

and cosmetic items of Nature Republic.

Lot of Real Nature Mask Sheet series, Argan hair packs and some makeup products were sent.

Also there were Collagen Dream 70 skin care series.

The line is popular for moisturizing and firming.

(But not so cheaper than other brand’s cosmetic. It seems more high level class.)

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2016.03.14 MON

Today we sent 357 pieces!

There were not so many items.

And sent best seller products like Missha Line Friends Edition, Beauty People Eye Liner series, BTS Hwayangyeonhwa etc… as always 🙂

Especially BTS’ Album Hwayangyeonhwa is very popular so that is hard to every orders.

Why their company don’t?manufactured enough….?

Even can sell more!!

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2016.03.11 FRI

Today we sent 590 pieces of items!

There were almost Kpop albums and goods.

Especially BTS Hwayangyeonhwa pt.2?albums were lot of amount.

BTS is getting popular?all over the world?:)

It is so amazing because they are not top group in Korea not yet.

But someday they will be 1st class idol in Korea.
Their album Hwayangyeonhwa pt.2 is ranked?top 10 for 14 weeks?of the Bill Board World Music Chart.