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2016.03.07 MON

Today we sent 2,826 pieces of products!

There were many cosmetics of Secret Key, Banila Co, Skinfood, ACWELL and so on.

Especially ACWELL Mask series were huge amount.

Honey wrinkle / Water Moisture / Drink Purifying.

ACWELL is a brand concerned with oriental medical.

Someone called it ‘Cosmedic’ products.

Therefore it is?popular to many people who have sensitive skin.

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2016.03.04 FRI

Today we sent 3,324 pieces of products!

Cosmetics of Etude House, Tonymoly, Secret Key, Nature republic and Kpop albums were sent.

Especially there were Berry Delicious Edition of Etude House.

It is a special edition with motivated Strawberry.

Red & Pink Colors and Strawberry illust packages are so lovely and cute!!

Also the colors of eyeshadows, Color In Liquid Lips will be good match to spring makeup.

How Etudely~! ๐Ÿ˜€

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2016.03.03 THU

Today we sent 2,369 pieces of items!

There were lot of Real Nature Mask Sheets series of The Face Shop,

and Missha Line Friends edition items.

Also there were Skinfood, Banila Co. Secret Key, Etude House etc.

The Sally Moisture cushions are stand out because of cute yellow color in the photos ๐Ÿ™‚

And the orange covered albums are ‘MAMAMOO’ 1st album, [Melting], and the pink albums are ‘Space Girl’ 1st mini album.

Everything?is so colorful?maybe because?upcoming spring.

Warm Colors!

(But EXO Planet #2 Concert DVD is just mono tone!)

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2016.03.02 WED

Today we sent 420 pieces!

There were Banila Co. products as you can see in the photos ๐Ÿ™‚

Banila Co. is famous & popular cosmetic brand with Clean It Zero(Cleansing Balm), Prime Primer Series.

The items were steady seller but recently, several months had not sold.

Many other Korean cosmetic brands launched cleansing balms like Clean if zero, but?the original is the best.

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2016.02.29 MON

Today we sent 9,579 pieces of products!

April Magic Cushions, Mise en scene Hair items, Ryo Hair items and so on.

Especially White award Bubble de Masks of?Sum:37ยกร‰ were huge amount.

Today is the last day of February, but snowy a little!

I feel spring in the morning then snow fall down on afternoon.

But it was not covered field ๐Ÿ™‚

And tomorrow is the Independence Movement Day of Korea.

Therefore it is a holiday.

Please note this!!

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2016.02.26 FRI

Today we sent 1,113 pieces!

There were cosmetic products like Peripera, Ryo Hair Treatment, Beauty People Makeup items?and kpop albums and so on.

Especially there were?a?lot amount of Purederm Mask Sheet packs.

It has each kinds of Argan / Snail /?Green Tea / Coenzyme Q10 / Collagen / Aloe / Lemon / Pomegranate / Cucumber.

In Korea, many kinds of mask sheets are here.

Purederm mask packs are one of the good performance per price.

And?the items?attached cucumber and aloe pictures on it?in the photos, are cleansing tissues ๐Ÿ™‚

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2016.02.25 THU

Today we sent 667 pieces of items!

There were cosmetics and kpop products as always.

But cosmetics of today are almost FoodAHolic Soothing Gels.

There are many kinds of soothing gels by many cosmetic brands.

The FoodAHolic soothing gels are good perfomance per price, to still popular.

It seems to popular in the countries of?warm or hot climate.

The soothing gels effective?not only face, but also body or hair.

There is an effect to sun burn a little.

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2016.02.24 WED

Today we sent 3,229 pieces!

There were cosmetics of Secret Key, Ryo, Missha, Etude House.

And Kpop products.

The Starting Treatment Mask Packs of Secret Key?were a lot of amount!

It was nearly 300 pcs?as a single product.

Other cosmetic products’ kinds are evenly distributed categories like Eye makeup, Lip makeup, Body, Hair treatment, Nails?and so on.

And the Kpop orders are a lot in this week.

So our staffs take long?times for packaging everyday.

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2016.02.23 TUE

Today we sent 1,634 pieces of products!

There were cosmetic items of The Face Shop & Missha.

The Line Friends Editions of Missha are well selling everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

Missha launched new products of The Line Friends Edition.

It is Foam Cleanser kind as you can see above photos.

And there were many kinds of cleansing / mask pack / skin care items of The Face Shop.

The skin care products are more popular than makeup products in The Face Shop.

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2016.02.22 MON

Today we sent 1,323 pieces!

There were so many Kpop items with various kinds.

It was mixed latest albums and just old albums.

But almost of items are popular idols’.


Also there were cosmetic products or It’s Skin / Clio / Etude House / Secret Key / MIZON.

And Missha Line Friends Edition items are sold almost everyday.

Maybe it will be signature items of Missha!

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2016.02.19 FRI

Today we sent 1,836 pieces!

There were Missha Line Friends Special collaboration items and Etude House Products and so on.

Missha Line Friends Edition products are very popular recently.

Because of cute character design and good performance per price ๐Ÿ™‚

We hope it will be steady seller but ?can not expect when the products manufacturing ends because it is the ‘special edition’.

Many customers are disappoint sometime when their favorite products do not manufactured any more.

Of course, sometimes the products are renewal to more better design or volume.

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2016.02.18 THU

Today we sent 654 pieces of products!

There were Etude House items : Hot Style Heating Protectors, Styling Eye Liners , Cherry Lip Gel Patches etc.

The Korean Cosmetic brands like Etude House / Innisfree / The Face Shop?/ Nature Republic / Holika holika / Skinfood etc are still popular.

Because they are always making an effort to develope new items.

Cute design, New Materials, New Function and so on.

Also their products are good performance per a price ๐Ÿ™‚

And there were some Kpop albums and goods.

B.A.P will hold THIRTY concerts in FIFTEEN countries around the world. They plan to meet?many of their?fans.

Therefore the customers are increased who want to buy B.A.P light sticks.