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2016.01.26 TUE

Today we sent 703 piece!

There are Nature Republic Real Nature Olive Ampoule, IPKN Newest Honey Facial Mist

and Verysix coral Lip Balm etc.

Especially there are some promotion package set for upcoming Lunar New Year Day Gift.

Ji Yul Hyang Qi Pum Set, Secret Court Gong Jin Hyng Set, Glow Lip Balm set and so on.

It is only once the New Year based on the solar calendar of western culture,

but many asian considered more important in the Lunar New Year.?

Therefore so many items sold as present in this period.

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2016.01.25 MON

Today we sent 2,038 pieces!!

April Skin Magic Snow Cushions, Etude House Makeup items and so on.

It was very very very cold in warehouse to work.

The difference is not as much work outside.

Many people in trouble with cold and snow,

not only in Korea, but also in many countries.

Sometimes worried about the shipping delay.

(We hope no more snow and cold…)

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2016.01.22 FRI

Today we sent 10,366 pieces items!

Innisfree Green Tea Series & No Sebum Mineral Pacts are?sent.

The two series are steady seller of Innisfree.

And Teentop ‘Red Point’ album, BTS ‘Hwayangyeunhwa’ goods and Park Yu-chun of JYJ 1st mini albums are sent.

Also, the parcels on truck in the photo’s bottom of left,

there are many of Sum “Bubble White Masks”.

Hera zeal perfumed soaps’ amount is a lot, too.

It’ll be sent by ocean ship.

If we used FEDEX or EMS, the shipping cost would be?huge amount.

Have a nice weekend! 😀

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2016.01.21 THU

Today we sent 293 pieces!

Cosmetic products and Kpop Cds / dvds.

Especially there are many Toothpaste Kinds today.

(Median Dental-Q Products)

Also we updated toothbrush order sheet!

All toothbrushes are made in Korea and including toddler & kids products.

And including Kakao Friends items.

They’re so cute 🙂

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2016.01.20 WED

Today we sent?327 pieces!

Monday and Tuesday, I was so busy to post shipping history.

But from now, continued 🙂

Our city is so cold like Siberia recently.

It was almost minus 10 degrees…

Not also our city but also all Korea!!

It’ll be cold until next week.

Take care that don’t catch a cold, every staffs!

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2016.01.15 FRI

Today we sent 2,803 pieces!!

Total amount is not?so many, but the kinds of products are very very much.

Kpop products are not only latest albums, but also past albums.

The Foods or Cosmetics have own?expiry date,

but Music has no expire date 🙂

Even?songs of 10 years ago, still good.

And cosmetic products are the soothing gel?took a lot of amount.

In addition, there’re It’s skin, April Skin, VB program, Mise en scene and Apieu Jjang-goo Edition.

Everyone have a nice weekend!

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2016.01.14 THU

Today we sent 1,865 pieces!

There are hair products?those are?Jasaenghwacho, Jinsaengbo?of Ryo.

Also many mask packs of Tonymoly and Malie?in there.

And we sent Aritaum Modi nail series, too.

Almost nail items are packed with air caps by 6 pieces,

so it was hard to distinguish kinds.

But every staffs works at the same time, it was completed faster than I thought.

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2016.01.13 WED

Today we sent 2,608 pieces of products!

The products are SecretKey, April Skin, Ryo and so on.

April Skin is new launched cosmetic brand,

but they’re getting popular with Magic Snow cushions.

It covers skin almost perfectly, and so watery.

Maybe good to winter season.

It was colder than yesterday!!

So my skin is very dried because of Heater.

Maybe need moisture cushions like Magic Snow Cushion 🙂

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2016.01.12 TUE

Today we sent 140 pieces!

There are Bbia lipsticks and Kpop items.

It maybe the most?smallest amount?in recently sent items.

Today?is most coldest day in this winter.

But ?it has no concern with our works 🙂

Our office is?in the one of most?warmest city in Korea.

But no one like the cold!

(But some people or children?like snow!)

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2016.01.11 MON


Today we sent 1,408 pieces !

There are Nature Republic and APIEU products.

APIEU launched Jjang-goo Edition Cleansing!

Jjang-goo is popular animation character of japan,

however he is very popular not only in japan but also all over the world.

(Original name is Crayon Shin-jjang.)

And there are some foods as you can see in the photos.

Osulloc green milk tea, Lime and pepper chips, Honey butter dried filefish etc.

The snack’s volume is very big, weight is light.

But delicious!

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2016.01.08 FRI


Today we sent 1,702 pieces items!

The FoodAHolic Aloe Vera Purify Soothing Gels were almost 500 pieces.

The popularity of Korea is just decreased because of winter,

but still popualr in warm climate countries.

And there were many Kpop?albums included new rooky,

IKON, Seventeen, Monsta X, Red Velvet and so on.

Already first weekend of 2016!

Everyone, have a nice weekend 🙂

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2016.01.07 THU


Today we sent 6,764 pieces!

There are Tonymoly, Etude House, Hanyul, Aritaum products in Cosmetics.

Especially, there are so many Egg Pore Soap Series and

huge amount of Panda’s Dream white magic creams.

Also there are many many many mask packs. (Natureby Mask Sheet)

Managing lot of kinds products?is a very hard work.

But a kind or not many kinds products are simple to pack.

Just heavy weights?:)